Hair Pack- Vitamin treatment for healthy long hair with step by step pictures

I haven’t paid any attention to my hair since 15-20 days and now they needs extra care.All of our hair needs some extra treatment beside our regular hair care routine of massaging, shampooing and conditioning. As we all know that we need vitamin for hair growth and for thinning hair as well so I thought of giving vitamin treatment to my hair.The pack treat the damages caused by harsh chemicals or hair products and pollution too.
There are many other benefits also which I will share with you guys later.
Lets check out the ingredients required for the hair pack
You will just need three products for this pack.
2 Eggs
2vitamin E capsules
2tbsp. of almond oil or Extra virgin Olive oil
Method :-

It is easy  but as I was making it so I thought of sharing the pics with you guys
Step1 – Take two eggs. Two eggs works fine for my medium length hair.You can increase or decrease the quantity according to your hair length.
Step2 – Add 2tbsp. of almond oil. I am using Patanjali almond oil .I am close to finishing the bottle so review coming soon.I have Fab India almond oil also but that is a body oil so didn’t use that one.

Step3 – Take 2 capsules of Vitamin E . I am using Evion 400 which are easily available in  medical shop.
Blend all the ingredients together and apply on to the hair for 20 minutes.I don’t keep eggs on my hair for long because they  get too sticky and little difficult to come out but if you can then please do fit  for 45 minutes or one hour.Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair and you are done.
If you can’t bear the egg smell then squeeze one lemon into it.
Benefit of  vitamin Treatment :-

If you can keep this hair pack for one hour then it helps in strengthening the root of the hair but you will need to thoroughly wash your hair to clear the egg.Eggs are rich in protein as it helps in making the hair follicle stronger and one will suffer from less hair fall.Applying eggs also give fewer split ends .In addition to this when we apply raw eggs it makes our hair soft and smooth and add shine to them.

Vitamins for hair growth- For healthy hair growth we need foods containing vitamin B12 which includes eggs, meat and poultry.I have read that our hair can not live without vitamin B12 nutrient and we women easily develops this deficiency.

Almond oil add luster to hair making them healthy and vitamin E oil promotes hair growth .You can read more benefits of almond oil here and vitamin E oil here.
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  1. I have heard so much about the benefits of using eggs for hair.. but somehow never managed to muster the guts to use it.. This must make your hair so amazing! I'll try it this weekend 🙂

  2. actally i asked this because only applying eggs make my hair dry. so I mix yogurt and 2-3 spoon oil with egg. that really made my hair shiny, soft and manageable. but I am nt sure if that can be with vitamin E capsules.

  3. yaa you add olive oil because vitamin 5 capsules have very less quantity of oil in themm

    where r u from Neha? nice to see you here chatting with me:)

  4. actually ur hubby was my brother's senior at BHU. when u started this blog, my brother told me about this coz he got msg on orkut frm ur husband. i hope u got d hole story nw 🙂

  5. Hi Anamika Sureka ur dng gr8 job.

    Im indu from vizag im 24 years.Im facing a problem with hair day by day its getting thinner i dont knw wat to do can u tell me the best herbal shampoo and conditioner.Im really facing so much difficulty in going out so pls help ….u can mail to [email protected]

    thx u alot ill be waiting for ur reply ………….

  6. Hello Anamika ….
    Thank you for ur reply.Hey i consulted Ayurvedic Doctors he suggested me to use some medicines and he told me coz of pollution and diet im losing my hair.He asked me to take badam and milk regularly.I noticed a change in my hair its growing longer but i want to increase my hair volume.So u pls help me in increasing my hair volume.

    Thx u so much ….

    • Hi khaddu, castor oil doesn’t have any vitamins in it as far as I know and since the purpose of this pack is to provide vitamins which are essential for hair growth, it is better to use almond or olive oil. However, castor oil is also good for hair growth.

  7. Anamika, I tried this today but forgot the vitamin e addition 😛 but still I found my hair silky & conditioned :yes: , I’m going to continue this :-))
    Thanks my Herbal guru :-))

  8. it seems like a nice hair pack anu.
    but how often should I use this pack a week.
    by the way 2 eggs would be more na 1!!
    should I have to soak my hair..
    does nt it drip dear !!!

  9. @ vaneet – you can use this pack as many times as u wants..its not going to cause harm to your hair any way..looking at r busy life style once in a week is minimum.

    @ mitha- once a week is ok…u can reduce the egg quantity as per yur desire and you do not have to soak your hair before applying the pack and it doesn’t drip much like curd and all and once egg starts drying then doest drip at all.

  10. You know I actually bought this cute lil notebook where i write down all your hair mask and recommended pdts details 😀 😀
    I keep trying and buying and checking it off :d 😀 😀
    See you are reaching out to sooo many and making so much difference :makeup: :kissing: :makeup:

  11. Hi anamika, this is my very first comment albeit I’ve been reading ur posts for long now.
    Pls tell me if this pack would work fine without olive oil as it doesn’t suit me. Would coconut oil suffice for it????? :struggle: :-(( :-((

  12. i used this pack but being a veggie could not bear d smell of har were amazing but d smelll…. can i do something regarding this..??

  13. hey anamika, as we are pure veg, egg is difficult to use any other substitue of egg which can help for my hairs
    Thank you

  14. iam 25 years old my front portion of my head is having hair fall and now ihave shaved my head 2 times there is sum growth but very lateeeeeeee .can u suggest me. sum gud vitamin e tablets

  15. Take only 2 capsules of Evion 400…i 100 % sure u will get result in front of you. But u have to keep continuty till 10 days to avoid hairfall and till 40 days to growing up new clear hairs which is thin cause they are tried to grow first time…!!!


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