Hair Problems And Solutions In Ayurveda


By Shreya Gupta

Hair Problems and Solutions in Ayurveda

While just scrolling Facebook, I came to see a post of Beyonce, she wrote that she loves Ayurvedic Massage and products and believes that Ayurveda is the secret behind the beauty of Indian women.

I wondered a little, Being Indian I don’t know exactly what Ayurveda is, so I sat on Google and ate it whole searching what Ayurveda is and how it is so magical. Tons of thanks to Google, that after 2 hours of search I actually found out the true meaning of Ayurveda.. Hola! it is what our mothers suggests, ayurveda is nothing but the blended mixture of home remedies, herbal treatment and yoga.

So I came up with the search of my own very tragic problem Hair Problems.

Ayurveda treatment in Hair problems is godly affair for Hair Problems and skin. It is so effective and pocket friendly that you will be in heaven after using it and significantly be proud of being Indian.

Or if you see other way, you will find many effective products as well in the market which come with the ingredients of Rich and original Ayurveda and heels skin so well. Here I will be suggesting the Home Remedial Ayurvedic ways to treat Hair Problems.

Types of Hair Problems:

  1. Hair Loss

One can suffer from hair loss at any age. A small kid to a senior citizen.. all have this problem of Hair Loss one or other phase of life.

Feeling bald patches on scalp or just having the wild dreaming of it. This is what Hair Loss is. I know how tragic and life threatening is this phase of Hair Loss but Ladies don’t worry, Ayurveda is one cheap and super organic way of heeling your Autumny scalp.

What it basically need is little patience and forgetting that you have any nose to face tragic smells.

  1. Dry Hair

Lack of oil and moisture in your hair is what Dry Hair is. When your hair looks lifeless or without shine and texture that time you start understanding the meaning of Dry Hair. Dry Hair is well type of hair but ignoring the dry hair in excess straightaway leads to Hair Loss. Sometimes the reason behind Dryness could be using too much of Hair Dryer or poor quality of Hair Color. Or by getting exposed in Sun too much.

  1. Grey Hair

Grey Hair is something we believe that with time happens. But due to pollution and smoking, this comes in early age too. Youngsters these days are facing it very often. Unhealthy diet and hormonal change in our body are also reason of it. Ayurveda here is a slow process, but one if is regular can actually see the changes.


Solution no 1

Methi and Dahi

Methi is one Ayurvedic ingredient which effects so well. For shoulder length hair, take 3 tablespoon of Powdered Methi and mix it with rosewater to make a medium thickly paste. Lid it and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, mix 4 tablespoon of curd and some water into it and make a paste. Well honestly it won’t be that like able for your nose. (In winters, do not put the paste in fridge, instead keep it outside with Lid On. Also before mixing curd into it, microwave the curd for 20 seconds. )

methi for hair

Apply this paste on your scalp and cover it with a plastic hair cap, if you don’t have a haircap than you can use a plastic polythene as well. The motive behind is to never leave your hair open in air with mask on as it dries your hair and while washing, you tend to see a lot of hair fall.

So keep the paste with haircap on your scalp for 45 minutes and wash it with cold water. Shampoo and condition it.

In a month only you will see a fantabulous change in your hair loss. Mark my words on this.

Solution No. 2

Aloevera juices are available in market like anything. From quite costly to pocket friendly, you will find many brands selling it. One of the very famous is Patanjali.

Consuming juice of aloe vera is more effective than applying it. 2 tablespoon in the morning empty stomach with normal or lukewarm water will work great.

how to use aloe vera

If you hate its smell and find impossible to consume it because of not so likable task, you can apply it as well. Apply the paste of mixture powdered alovera (easily availlble in market) and Curd or un boiled milk on your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash your hairs after it by shampoo.

Solution No. 3

Bananas, Eggs, Curd and Honey. Well mixing these four easily available and amazing ingredients, you can switch from amazingly shiny and healthy hair.

For shoulder length hair, take one medium size banana and two eggs.

yoghurt for hair

Grind Bananas and Eggs together. In this paste, mix 5 tablespoon of curd and two tablespoon of Honey. Apply it instant onto scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. Remember to put the hair mask cap on it so that it don’t get too dry. Wash it and become the queen of shiny and never experienced silkiest hair.

Solution No. 4

Using Ayurvedic Oils like Coconut, Almond, Bhringraj, Brahmi Oil . Oil massage is must for our Hair. Switch your fancy hair oils with these traditional ones for daily usage and within 4 months you will see a tremendous change in your hair. For better results, try hot oil massage. Mixing Lemon in oil will help in instant Conditioning effect.

coconut hair oil

Lemon has conditioning qualities. You can switch your conditioner with Lemon any time. But daily use of direct lemon leads to Dry Hair. So if you are a person who uses deep conditioning once in a week, than confidently go for lemon juice conditioning. Squeeze 1 lemon and mix it will 1 cup water. After shampooing, pour it on your hair. (Do not rub on scalp). Was with cold water after 10 minutes and enjoy silky layers.

Solution No. 5

Triphala Powder

Triphala Powder is very easily available in market and has many good effects for health and hair. Stomach problems can also be cured through this.

Well for Grey hair, take one tablespoon of powdered Tripahala Churan and take it with lukewarm water in the morning. It is very important to mention here that it is very hard to consume it. It taste very very bad.

So if you are not that comfortable to eat it than you can apply the paste of water and Triphala Powder on your scalp. And can wash it with cold water after 20 minutes. Please keep in mind that the powder should be very finely grinded, else while washing it won’t get off your hair.

Have you tried any of these solutions from Ayurveda?

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