Hair remover – Annie french roll on hair removing lotion (Product review)


Hair removal products – Though I believe more in waxing but when I am in a hurry I opt for  hair removing lotions as well. It is certainly not my best hair removal method but in emergency it works for me.This time I tried Annie -french roll on which has vitamin E moisturizer .

New roll on things looked pretty interesting to me and the shape too is cute.Older version of is now out of stock I guess.


Price of Annie french roll on is Rs 45  -It comes in Rs 50 ml bottle only

   Ingredients – Thigolycolic Acid, Calcium Hydroxide , Liquid Paraffin, Rose Fragrance

How to use – Take out the roll on and pour out the liquid as required.Place the roller again and spread the liquid with it.Wait for 5-10 minutes and remove the hair with the roll on.

     Consistency of the product is not smooth though it neither too thick or too thin.

My experience with the product :-

-I read the instruction like 10  times and still the roll on didn’t work for me.I had to use butter knife to remove my hair.I have soft hair as I have never used any razor but still it was difficult to remove all the hair with the product.

-The smell of the product is pathetic like all annie french hair removal cream .I know this as I have used their previous products therefore can’t complain much.

-I got the lotion meant for dry and normal skin therefore my skin didn’t feel dry at all.

-Quantity of the product is not sufficient and as it is not smooth flowing therefore most of the product stays in the bottle itself which one is not able to take it out.I used the lotion for my leg hair removal  and found that almost all the bottle is finished.I can’t think of using it for facial removal I guess neither it is advisable.

– I didn’t use it for underarm hair removal either.

A painless hair removal but not a satisfying product for me .I guess their previous product was better than this one.

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  1. You felt the same way as I did in the past. Anni Frenmch hasn't changed a bit since then. They definitely smell funny and it's so lingering that the whole world would know that you used Anni French today. I am laughing but don't want to. 😀

    Thanks for the review sweets.

  2. I want to know which laser hair removal machine is the most effective. I don’t want an at home machine, I just want to know which one is the best. Is ELOS good? There are so many different people advertising hair removal and all are using different machines so I just want some insight from people who have had laser hair removal. I live in Canada by the way. Thanks for the help!


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