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By Prerana,

As u know, I have long hair till waist level but they are a little wavy. I love pin straight hair for which I use hair straightner, but in busy life using it often is difficult due to time factor. i heard permanent hair straightning can give pin straight hair which will end you till you cut your hair.

But before I do it, I want to ask if someone have done it here and how was the experience? Is it safe? What will I have to say to the staff of the salon, that I want to do a permanent hair straightening or there is another name of this treatment? How much will be the cost and which salon will give me best deal?

Best Hair Straightening Treatment in India

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  1. Prerana you can try rebonding your costs around 4-5k in normal regular parlour and some 6-7 k in loreal.

    • Prerana u can ask for rebonding which stays for about 6-7 month .It also depends upon your hair growth .As far as safety is concerned it depends.Sometime it works for some people and other time people have bad experiences too..If you eat right and condition yur hair regularly then there r less chances of damages.

      As far as cost is concerned you will need special shampoos and conditioner also rebonding with this hot oil or deep condition too is required when u go for this.all in all you will have to take proper care of your hair after getting it done:)

  2. Prerna, plz..dont mind..but you have such gorgeous I am telling you of my cousins got rebonding from loreal and within few days her hair actually started looking like a broom..(jhadu), despite the fact that she was religiously using all the shampoos, conditioners and products recommended by loreal. She even developed a slight bald patch on hair line just where the forehead ends..So think again and again before you get your hair rebonded..

    Rebonding may work for some people and may badly damage hair of others..

    • o…thats so scary :pain: and the bald patch :pain: :pain: i don’t wana see myself in that condition in dreams also! i wish some patch test kinda thing agar hota, then it would have been better so that i can see the reactions & all…
      nevertheless thanks for your frank suggestion :-))

      • I Know patch test thing would have been great..I always wanted to get my hair straightened but after my cousin’s experience, I don’t think I will ever get it done..there’s a procedure called hair smoothening also but its more or less the same and there is similar use of chemical products. :-/ :-/ I remember reading in one of the posts that annu also suffered from severe hairfall after her straightening but she did a lot of remedies and that helped….

        I think u can continue using ironing rod with a good hair protectant. At least you can stop using it, if you see any damage but damage by chemicals is so hard to reverse na.. 🙂

  3. Hey Wiseshe
    Everytime i tried to comment It said you have been blocked from commenting…n now my last comment on this post was approved but now is not visible…is it some tech issue ??? 😀

    • Tanya i don know exactly wy it happend ..but there is nothing like blocked from commenting as far as i know 🙁

  4. Hi All,
    I just Wnat to know ore for the hair straitning as I am planning to go ,My hairs are till shoulders and they are quite wavy and I dnt have too much of the growth also,
    Will staraighning help me to get the grrowth and style too

  5. Anamika,
    I am also facing severeeeeeeeeee………………………….est hairfall after getting the smoothening done from Loreal Products. 😮 :sweat: :struggle: Please advise, which all treatments you did to stop the hairfall. :hypnotized:

  6. hey plz gv me solution i did straighting bt m nt happy i want mi hair back.hw to remove straightng frm mi hair..i want mi natural hair back..i wil be able na to get back mi hair..plz


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