Hair Tie Accessories To Buy For A Bad Hair Day


Hair Tie Accessories To Buy For A Bad Hair Day

Now as the winter season is advancing, its is gong to be super cold in a few weeks time and we all will literally end up doing nothing but stay indoors and stay warm!

Another great everyday decision in the chilly winter season is bathing or hair wash! It is like a big task each morning when you have to decide whether you can stand the cold water on your head or wash it with warm water and make it a little frizzy!


Well, whatever be the case, drying your hair after shampoo is yet again a big task unless you use a blow dryer! And you cannot let it air dry because there are no fans which will make you hair dry up fast! All these things make one believe as to how much damage we do for our precious hair strands during winters! 🙁

Adding further to the damage, winters tend to make the hair dry and if you do not wash it every alternate day it looks messy and dry and you have no option other than to tie your hair! Because an open hair style will certainly be a bad idea!

I am blessed with voluminous wavy hair and I struggle a lot to keep them smooth by not blow drying too frequently.

But still during winters I mostly prefer to keep my locks tamed and in place. So here I am sharing some great hair tie accessories which will help you in keeping your hair locks in place and well managed!

Hair style tutorial pony tail+Hair care tutorial+Hair care

Hair Elastic Ties-

Elastic hair ties because your hair is too precious to tie it with those fabric ties which take a lot of hair when the hair is released from its drip!

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring shape

Elastic hair ties or bobbles which are spiral exert very low pressure. It doesn’t create a tension on your hair when it is pulled together in a pony!

Silk Ribbon Tie-

Fishtail on Ponytail style

One can take a silk ribbon and just tie it around the hair to a sleek pony to keep all the hair locks in one place. The silk ribbon is great for a soft grip and it won’t create any frizz!

Silk Wrap for Hair-

Sporting a bandana with open hair

These silk wraps and pillows are really getting popular these days because at night time the hair texture gets damaged with the friction cause by the pillow. A silk hair wrap will make you look different and will save you from a bad hair day. And when you release your hair, it is not frizzy but smooth as silk!

MUA Makeup Academy Blusher Shade 1 fotd


Forget bobby pins as they are just too tight. They leave a temporary mark on the hair which goes only after you get a hair wash. There is a less damaging and very useful pin which is the U-Pin which is mainly used to secure the strands of hair when tied in a bun. It doesn’t exert and direct pressure on the hair strands and easily locks the hair tucked without any damage!

easy hair do short hair

Hope you like these useful hair accessories. Now replace these with the ones which are already in your vanity and damaging the natural hair texture!

Have you tried any of these hair tie accessories?

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