Hair Treatments For Dry Hair


Hair Treatments For Dry Hair

Hay like hair is not what a girl dreams of. We all love healthy, smooth and shiny hair whether they are straight or curly. Managing dry hair is tough and the current dry weather is making the task even more difficult. Its time you get some professional help to get the hair of your dreams. Many salons offer treatments for dry and damaged hair. Try these Hair Treatments For Dry Hair-

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Bblunt salon has carved a niche for itself in salon services. It is helmed by the famous hairstylist Adhuna Akhtar and so their service standards are very high. They offer a variety of hair treatments for dry and damaged hair. Some of the best ones are listed here-

Elixir Ultime 24 Carat Ritual

This treatment adds softness and offers shine to hair. It provides hair with much needed nutrition and protection. This is a luxury treatment that leaves hair nourished and dazzling.

Kerathermie Ritual

This treatment is especially designed for distressed tresses. It heals hair and transforms it from within.

Morpho Keratine

This treatment uses highly concentrated professional heat activated ingredients rich in morphokeratine to provide intense reconstitution and smoothness to the hair fibre. It can treat the most unruly hair.

Lakme Salon

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Just like their cosmetics, beauty salons of Lakme need no introduction. They have good hygiene standards and provide services that are cost effective. Lakme salon offer many services to tame dry and damaged hair. Take your Pick from the following list-

Pamper Me With Specials

This is basically a range of treatments that hydrate hair.

– Intense hydration for healthy hair
– Essential oils keep your hair luscious and healthy all day long.
– Moroccan Oil Spa- Intense Hydrating
– Moroccan Oil Spa-Restorative
– Protein Rush Spa

Essentials for dry/damaged hair

If you have very dry and damaged hair then choose one of the following services-

– Drench the dry with instant repair
– Pamper, rinse, repeat!
– Instant Repair Shot
– Refresh Indulgence
– Deep Conditioning

Protein Restore Treatment- Harsh environmental conditions damage hair a lot. This treatment will make your hair healthy and shiny.

Toni and Guy

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Toni & Guy is a renowned hair specialist brand. Their Hair Spa can restore the shine and life of your hair. The treatment makes hair very smooth and manageable.


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VLCC offers treatment that not only make your hair healthy but also sensuous. Their treatments not only help restore balance, shine, volume and strength of your hair, but also aim at improving the overall health of your scalp. Some of the best treatments for dry hair are-

– Keratin Spa Treatment

– Keratin Organic Treatment

– Scalp Hair Treatments

Have you tried any of these Hair Treatments For Dry Hair?

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