Hair Treatments That You Can Do At Home


Hair Treatments That You Can Do At Home

Hair care is one thing which is the most important and sought after thing for every female. However, we hardly find time to do things for ourselves given the busy lives. No matter how much we splurge on different types of shampoos and conditioners, we still ourselves envying someone else for the length and the luster that we lack.

Also we often don’t enough time to go to parlors all the time so we rely on old techniques of hair care. Older techniques belong to our grandmothers diaries usually. Old but effective, then what is the harm in trying?


colored hair wiseshe hair loreal

The oldest and one of the most effective techniques is oiling. Using coconut or almond oil is the most common treatment done for frizzy and dry hair. The use of heated oil makes hair softer and texture shinier and better than the usual dry and entangled hair. Weekly oiling of hair once or twice makes for the simplest treatment that one could do to maintain good quality hair. Oiling also helps hair in gaining length.

Even the use of Ayurvedic Oil is gaining more ground due to its natural effective treatment and lack of any outside chemical. The ayurvedic oil is prepared right at home using daily use products like coconut milk, sesame oil, amla, curry leaves, aloe vera etc. It is one of the most effective oils that can increase your hair growth. It provides volume and make them shinier with longer life.

There are many types of oils like olive oil or mustard oil that can help you with your hair type. And with these you could achieve the hair you always wanted.

Hair Masks


The second league of treatment one could deploy is the use of hair masks. These are also an effective treatment as they provide hydration to dry hair. There are quite a few affordable products that can be used to gain luster and shine back to your hair.

One of such products is the L’oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Hair Masque. Its ingredients are quite convincing for you to experiment it and use it for all hair types. Its main ingredient is Argan Oil that has been used in Morocco for ages by the women to rejuvenate their hair. It prevents dryness and roughness. It is pretty rich in Vitamin E and is the greatest nutrient for hair.

Few other products include Hydra therapy from Matrix with positive reviews due to its ingredients. It is nourishing enough for your hair to be the talk of the town.

Manufacturers like Neutrogena, Dove and Wella also have similar products to offer that are quite effective and have been a form of hair renewal treatment.

In case your hair are damaged and are really not what you look up to, please try using these products at the comfort of your home. This would not only better your hair from their present state but also shall prevent you from spending your money on not so pocket-friendly hair spas and parlor treatments.

Egg and Yogurt paste

egg & yogurt for hair care

Egg white and yogurt are considered to be very good conditioner for hair. A paste of egg and yogurt is being used since ages and has been contributing to our mothers and grandmothers naturally beautiful hair.

Lemon juice and Olive Oil

olive oil for supple hands

Use of lemon juice mixed with olive oil is another very good treatment especially for hair damaged because of flakes and dry scalp.

There are a lot of options available for hair treatments that are way better than spending on those expensive parlors.

Have you tried any of these home treatment recipes before?

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