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I am literally obsessed when it comes to hair and after reading so many hair care post on wise she I wanted to contribute bit of my knowledge in this section. When we talk about hair volume, it typically refers to the number of hair per square inch.
A very simple trick to find out the volume of your hair is to pull your hair back and make a pony tail.If you find the pony tail very slim then your hair volume is thin .You have thin hair if your scalp is easily visible when they are went.
If your pony tail is “two fisted” and appears exactly like a horse tail then that means you have thick hair volume. Similarly if your scalp is not visible when your hair is wet then your hair is thick volume type.
 In case if someone falls in between the two categories then she has probably a medium hair volume type which is the most common hair volume.

Below are type of hair volume and the concerns which are related to them.
1. Hair style for thin volume hair 

1 .Hair volume – Thin Very thin hair are weightless and fly away.Most of the time it is difficult to curl the thin hair easily and adding volume to the hair is difficult task too.
People who have silky hair generally go for blunt hair cuts.
Few drying techniques which includes combing and drying from the roots of the hair add volume to the hair.
Those who have thin hair should avoid permed and if they do they handle them with extra care to avoid damage.

2. Hair style for medium volume hair

2,.Hair volume Medium This one is the most common and manageable hair volume. This type of hair is quiet versatile one is loaded with option when it comes to choose a style for themselves.
Medium volume hair can hold curls and take well to chemical processes like hair coloring, perms etc. If you are lucky enough to have medium hair volume then you can experiment with variety of hair styles.

3. Hair style for thick hair

Hair volume – Thick  These hair are hard to manage and are blessing to those who have slim face or slim frame. It can be a head ache for few and they might like to reduce the volume for their hair but such problems can be easily dealt with a light hair cut.
Layer hair cut gives better shape to thick volume hair. Having layered cut in short or medium length are considered best for thick hair.
Thick hair people too can experiment easily with many hair care products.

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  1. I have medium volume hair….yeah….but actually when I put on a pony tail, it appears I have thick hair because of the waves…..


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