Haircuts That Are Motivating You To Go Short


Haircuts That Are Motivating You To Go Short

These days, I have developed a sudden fetish for short hair. And it is not sudden outburst of some long lost thrust of going for a short haircut but it is because of watching these celebrities and other people sporting those haircuts that are so awesome. I see a lot of advantages, which you might call seeing greener pastures but I feel having short hair not only makes you look cool and sensuous but also makes you at your own convenience of not having to take times to do some hair styles and getting ready in minutes becomes your forte. Plus during winters, with mostly western and covered outfits, I feel shorter hair are just too cool! I feel the shorter hair is in themselves a hairstyle and one does not need to waste time doing any styling on them.

I am sharing a few hairstyles that have made me think like this. Let’s see if this goes for you as well!

Pixie Cut

Anushka Sharma makeup in PK

Did you see what style Anushka Sharma sported in the movie PK. Well I am in love with that hair style. It looks so cool and classy! It goes well with any attire almost and in winters, I cannot think of sporting anything else with those long coats and trousers and boots..what do you think girls?

Even MandiraBedi has sported this haircut for ages. Even with her Sarees and traditional attires, she has made it a style statement and proved to the world that women with short hair look just so cool. She also has brought to the table a new viewpoint that sarees and short haircuts also go well.

Half-Pixie Cut

Haircuts That Are Motivating You To Go Short (1)

Remember Akshara Haasan in Shamitabh? Her half-pixie cut look has created a rage already and people are seen imitating that style. It looks cool on any kind of attire and has been sported very religiously by the girl in the movie and afterwards. I am a fan of that girl all because of that eye-catching haircut.

Straight Short

best lipsticks sonakshi

I am sure you are also a fan of above shoulder straightened silky hair. I remember sharing Sonakshi Sinha’s haircut on the blog some time ago wherein I already shared my liking for the haircut. It can never go wrong with any kind of attire and is easily manageable.

Bob Cut

best look priyanka chopra
I also like the short curly hair bob cut as sported by Priyanka Chopra these days, she looks awesomely pretty and good. I have developed a specific liking as I also have curly hair which at times gets unmanageable. This hairstyle has its own style statement and as goes without saying, it looks very cool. Her look in Dil Dhadakne Do and many social events have given me enough hint of how I could dress up and move out in style.

Just to ensure that we do not lose on your style quotient and at the same time people look at us with envy, I am going to sport one of these styles soon once I am decisive on which one to go for. All these haircuts are too tempting and I am sure even you are looking at these styles and thinking to go for one of them. Whether at home or working, we women need to maintain ourselves well and these short haircuts would give us ample time to spend somewhere else. Once sorted with hair, we can focus on other areas of dressing for us.

Have you tried any of these Short Haircuts?

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