Hairstyle Hacks For Wavy Hair


Hairstyle Hacks For Wavy Hair

For every strand of curls I have, I always had one thing on mind; you look beautiful but wish you were a bit more manageable. It specially gets on my nerves when I have to rush for office and I find myself still left to comb! It was same at school and college as well. Just because of these natural waves, that people with straight hair, envy, I have had struggled a lot managing them.

I keep on checking some hacks here and there to be able to manage them and today I have read enough to share with you some options to save you the day. I hope these styles help you beat the stress that your tresses might be giving you. Not to forget that I do love the fact that people envy my curls and I too love them for the perfection they have!

Up bun

top knot bun

If you have longer hair, firstly I should congratulate you for having the courage to manage curls and those too longer curls! 😀 kidding. The simplest hair do for you that could make you look stylish at the same time save your time is an up bun. You may leave a couple of loose strands on your forehead to have the old film actress type tresses :D.

Faux twist bun

Coiled braid Up-do

You might want to try this hair if you have longer hair. All you need to do is to comb your hair make group of strands at the back side, twist each group and tie them from left to right and vice-versa. Like if you start from strands on the left, take them to right and so on. This way you would end up making a bun with a faux style. You would need a considerable number of pins to make the bun stick. You may also use hair accessories for this style.

High Pony Tail

Ponytail - Korean Hairstyle

This is a universal hairstyle as it goes for any kind of hair and looks stylish. If you have curly hair of good enough length, go for a pony tail tied high on your head. This looks specially good on curly hair as the curls fall naturally from the tail making it look awesome.

Side Pony Tail

Sleek Side-Braid Clean Pony

If you are bored of same style pony tail, you may also go for a side pony. Curls falling on your shoulder look good and make you feel good!

Side Braid

Hairstyles For Thin Hair - UP DO

You could also go for a side braid. If you have hair long enough for a braid, go for it. You can also go for a messy one with side or center parting. Braids look good both ways.

Spiral curls

Long Hair side curls

This hairstyle looks nice on western attires. The side parting works wonders for the look. The semi-straight look on the head and curls on the loose ends are too hip and look marvelous. I have personally straightened the head part of my hair while my curls at the back are with me since ever.

So, how do you find these hairstyles? Do share your opinion! I personally shortlisted these hairstyles as they are easily manageable and I myself can do them rather than going to some parlor and shedding money. It saves me a lot of times to follow these hairstyles as these are simpler yet elegant plus you don’t feel out of place at any party or occasion.

Did you know about these hairstyle hacks before?

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