Hairstyle Mistakes Which Make You Look Older


Hairstyle Mistakes Which Make You Look Older

Hey there girls!

Just like your makeup, your hair can make you look older too! It is important to style to your hair in a way that suits your skin tone, age & overall personality. Over styling your hair or choosing the wrong haircut can make you look much older than you actually are! Today, we take a look at some hairstyle mistakes to avoid which might be adding years to your look.

One-Length Hair: Styling all your hair in one length can make you look older. Adding layers to your hair gives a soft touch & makes you look youthful. You may also try side-swept bangs in order to make your face look a bit rounder and your cheekbones stronger.


Overbleached Hair:

The color of your hair should complement your skin tone. Going too light a color adds years to your overall look. It also washes out your complexion. It is therefore important to add on some highlights as well to add some dimension. Similarly, you should avoid coloring your hair too dark a color as well.


Very Tight Hairdo:

Pulling your hair back too tightly into a ponytail or a bun can also make you look older. Such hairstyles surely look sophisticated but they draw attention to lines and wrinkles on your face. If you wish to wear your hair back, then let some hair strands fall around the face. This will impart a softer & youthful touch.

Overdose Of Flat Iron:

Poker straight hair sure look super classy but going overboard with the flat iron can accentuate fine lines & give an angular look to your face. Instead, frame your face with subtle waves to give a softer look.


A Deep Center Part:

A deep center partition hairstyle also draws attention to the lines on your face. Instead, go for a slight side part or even a subtle center partition to create a well balanced look.


Blunt Bangs:

This is one of the most common hairstyles which makes you look older. Bangs surely hide your wrinkles but not styling them properly can add years to your look. Thus, instead of going for blunt bangs, you can try out different ways to style your bangs according to the shape of your face.


Top Knot Bun:

A high top-knot bun or a Ballerina bun also pulls focus towards fine lines & bone structure & makes you appear older. Therefore, it is better to pull out some short hair strands around the hairline to soften the overall look.


Very Stiff Hairstyles:

Styling your hair in super stiff updos looks unnatural & ageing. Instead, you should add some bounce to your hair to keep them flexible & give you a gentle & youthful look.


Are you making these hairstyle mistakes?

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