Braid Hairstyle Tricks Every Girl Should Know


Braid Hairstyle Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Hair speaks volume about one’s personality. Think about this, simple jeans, a top and a stylish hairstyle, this makes you look like a diva and mostly we find the heroines and celebrities wearing these simplest of clothes with stylish hairstyles that make them stand apart.

Even college and office going females prefer being generous to their looks by taking care of their hairstyles.

Everyone should know how simple hair tricks can add wonders to their looks. It also gives oneself a new boost of confidence apart from envious and admiring looks from others. 😀

High Ponytail

hair with ponytail

Every girl should know how to tie a high ponytail. It gives one a confident look which is more than necessary today. Specially in summers, it keeps you from hair falling on your neck or making you uneasy with your own sweat. Layering one pony over other creating parts of your hair could create another quick hairstyle.

French Braid Inspired Ponytail

french ponytail hairstyle

A side parted ponytail that works wonders for your hairstyle with French Braids on the top. It gives a glamorous as well as simple look at the same time and gives you the necessary oomph factor at the same time.

hairstyles with crown braid

This one is another hairstyle that looks cumbersome but actually is not. All you need to do is to create braids on both sides of your hair and then tie them across using pins. A royal and heritage era hairstyle that adds value to your hair by volumes.

Front puff ponytail


A famous and in fashion hairstyle which you find on every head these days. It’s simple and easy to create and gives you an instant chic look. One just needs to take the front portion of the hair, partition them properly from the rest and then back comb them. Make a puff of this portion of hair and then simply tie a ponytail.

Side pony

 beautiful side Pony Tail

Another classic way to flaunt your hair does not matter if you have either really curly hair or straight hair. A side pony gives you a cute little girl look which is not bad to be tried once in a week to change your mood and routine.

A simple Hair Band

Braided hair

Sometimes going back to your school days look is also fun. A simple hair band on your plain open hair could also make you look different than usual and add that sensuous appeal to your personality.

Braided Pony

Braided hairstyle reviews

An Angelina Jolie inspired look for your hair. Simply tie a high pony tail and tie braids on the loose part of the ponytail. Now simply tie the braids with a rubber band and you are done!

Braided left open

gorgeious hairstyle

For this look, create a middle parting for your hair and then braid them in the front portion. Taking them to the back of your ear, tie them up with pins. Leave the rest of the hair open. A very urbane look for the girl of every age.

Decorated Braids

These are the ones to try for festivities and occasions that are special in nature like marriages, traditional parties etc. Putting your hair into braids and then decorating them with florets or artificial embellishments adds an Indian touch to your outfit.

All these hairstyles are a must for every girl as they take care of every occasion, mood and character you are playing. Suited to all age groups, these hairstyles can go a long way with you as you stride between different roles in your life.

Have you tried any of these hairstyles before?

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