Hairstyles for Long Hair


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Hi WiseShe readers! Many ladies have long hair, and many more would love to have them at any cost! Having long hair is getting quite popular and chic. Even those women who don’t have the natural gift of long hair, are opting for add-ons and extensions to get the effect. However, long hair come with a loong cost of styling which can take too much time if not done efficiently. So in a such a fast paced life, let’s explore some quick interesting hairdos for long hair which you can manage with your hectic schedule.

Quick to do Hair styles for long hair –

Long hairstyles
Straight hair

Straight Hair
The simplest to think of. The best thing about hair straightening is that you’re able to control even the most unmanageable hair. Go for it if you’re trying to look different from the group.




Hairstyle for long hair
Layered Hairstyle for long hair

Choppy layers add the necessary drama and character to your hair and improve your look. If you’ve a round face or long, they’ll suit you. Also, they’re pretty easy to manage. Layer the hair steeply from bottom, carefully avoiding to layer too much from the top. You can also blow dry your layered tress and flash that wavy look.



Hairstyles for long hair
Curls for long hair

Curls are all time favourites – from the oldies to Gen Y, curls have stayed and survived. Curls not only provide an elegant look to your face and personality, but also suit almost every occasion. This hairstyle adds bounce and texture and gives a quite fascinating look.

French twist Pony


Hairstyles for long hair
French ponytail for long hair

Uninterested in those dull and unimpressive normal ponytails? here’s a refreshing change. Try out a simple ponytail with a french twist. Voila! The hairdo gives an exotic look in a matter of few minutes.

Multiple Pony-tails
Wanna look different.. really different? try multiple ponytails. After getting this look, you can also opt for braids – either putting all the separate pony tails into one braid, or in different braids as preferred. A multi-pony-tail look adds style, grace and makes you appear confident about your hair!

So ladies! Just have your pick from the various options available and have your boyfriend/spouse/friends go gaga over your new look!



  1. Man oh man those hair styles are so gorgeous. i have long hair and its sooo dull. i am getting a new hairstyle tomorrow and thank you becuase you gave me some great ideas.!


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