Hairstyles Which Makes Your Face Appear Slim


I have a round face which makes me appear little heavier then what I am.It is generally not easy to lose weight from your face and it is not recommended as well. Losing weight from face can make you appear dull and you of course loose your glow.

If you have noticed Kareena kapoor in Tashan movie she was almost zero size in it and so does was her face.There was just no charm on her face at that time.Thank god she has realized it now and is back with her beautiful fuller cheeks.

Even if your face is heavier in look or is round,rectangle,heart shaped then goal should be to make your face appear oval shaped. Length about one and a half times its width,with your jaw line being slightly narrower than your forehead.

Below here are few guidelines which can make your chubby face look slim by getting right hairstyle:-


1.Fringes helps in hiding part of your cheeks so by giving soft fringes to your hairstyle you can make your face actually appear slim.

2.Side parting takes away the roundness of your face.

3.If you add volume to the top of your hair it will create an oval shaped face silhouette.

4.Add contrast with highlights and colour this will create a layered effect in your hair making your face look slimmer.

5.By opting for length which falls some where between the chin and the shoulder spreads out your hair and gives it a slimmer look.

In short  idea is to not to do anything too short or too wide.Have some fringing and soft lines around the face so that you can conceal the cheek area and your chin.

Do you know any hairstyle which makes your face appear slim ?


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