Half Bun Hairstyle: Celebrity Inspiration


Half Bun Hairstyle Celebrity Inspiration

Best of both the worlds combined together, half bun hairstyles are in trend these days. Whatever your hair type or length (not if you have military cut hairstyle), you can rock the hairstyle like a star. The little bun perched on top of your head and the rest of your hair cascaded down; it is sassy, yet has a perfect quotient of elegance and looks stunning.

From the ramp and red carpet to the street and boardroom, this hairstyle is easy to do and definitely fuss free.

Pull back the front sections of your hair away from your face and tie it in a ponytail. Now roll the pony into a bun and pin it. Let the rest of your hair open. With half of your hair down, you can show off its length and your precious highlights. You can keep the part straight or can even add a few waves if you feel like it. With the front portion being pulled away from face, you will feel cooler and you won’t be constantly tucking your hair behind you ears or flicking it back. Best part? No sweaty strands getting stuck to your forehead 😀

It is a Celebrity Street style hairstyle and celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Sienna Miller, Amanda Peet, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez have been seen sporting the look. So let us see how these celebrities are rocking this look.

Sienna Miller

half bun hairstyle celebrities

Straight from the streets. It is messy and it is sassy.

Amanda Peet’s at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards:-

celebrity half bun hairstyles

She looked so breezy fresh and happy in that floor length floral dress and the half bun hairstyle. Love how Amanda sported this ultra feminine half up hairstyle to go with her casual look.

Kate Mara

celebrity half bun hairstyle kate mara

Love the edgy half bun hairstyle. The posh bob got some serious makeover with this hairstyle.

Ariana Grande

celebrity half bun hairstyle (1)

The carefree half bun hairstyle is looking very pretty on the bubbly American singer and actress. She is looking really cute in a little half bun and big sweatshirt. She is also known to be the person who first popularized this look in January of 2014.

Rihanna at a premiere

celebrity half bun hairstyle rihanna

Rihanna sported her half bun with some soft waves at an event in 2014.

Margot Robbie at Sun dance

celebrity half bun hairstyle 2015

She rocked a super cute version of the hairstyle and looked to less than a rock star herself.

Hilary Duff

beautiful half bun hairstyle

She sported a super high bun with rest of her hair left open. Ombre is really working its magic on her.

Cadice Swanepoel:-

half bun hairstyle

She looks effortlessly beautiful in this hairstyle. Loving her highlights.

Kate Middleton

celebrity half bun hairstyle kate middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge also doesn’t shy away from sporting this trendy hairstyle. Look how she is working magic with the look. She is looking so elegant.

Jennifer Lopez

celebrity half bun hairstyle jennifer lopez

The undone ballerina bun and left open slightly messy straight hair is really complementing her chiseled look.

Julianne Hough:-

celebrity half bun hairstyle ideas

Want to look trendy and super cool on streets? Take a glimpse of this lady.

Ashley Tisdale:-

half bun hairstyles

She chose a half top look instead of a pinned up bun.

Gwen Stefani:-

half bun hairstyle celebrity

Give an edgy spin to your look with a top knot like Gwen Stefani.

So it is time to embrace the half bun. Have you sported this look before? I have!

Do you like Half Bun Hairstyles?

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