Halle Berry’s Beauty Secrets



Halle Berry’s Beauty Secrets

One of the most gorgeous women on this planet, HALLE BERRY, has also been the brand ambassador of the ever growing makeup brand REVLON. With a flawless complexion and luminosity to her skin, halle berry confesses her skin secrets to be consistency, lots of love and regular skin pampering.


Halle-Berry beauty secrets


So let’s get on to this beautifully ageing diva’s beauty secrets in detail.

Keep the skincare simple

Halle Berry never went overboard with her skin care regimen, she admits. Since her 20’s berry has been indulging in a simplistic ‘cleanse-tone-moisturize and follow up with a good eye cream’ kind of skin-regime. Simple enough and the best thing, it works. Evidence? Halle Berry herself.

Makeup—the bare minimum

Similar to her skin care, she does not believe in overdoing her makeup as well. She acknowledges the fact that people age and is ageing ever so gracefully. When asked about her instant-two-minute-makeup-routine; she says that when she is in a hurry and has to put on something to just look put-together, she would go with a very sheer base. She recommends something which does not provide coverage, but evens out the imperfections at the same time. To complete the look she puts on some vibrant lip color just to give an impression of having makeup on. Her one brilliant tip—wear makeup but do not let makeup wear you.

Anti-cellulite coffee scrub

We’ve heard of this miraculous ground coffee scrub to fight-off the stubborn of cellulite, but given that even Halle Berry uses this trick ahs made us believe in the efficiency of this scrub all the more. Berry believes in mixing up some of her ground coffee leftovers with her favorite body wash and uses it on her problem areas. How luxurious would a coffee scrub smell? Yumm!!

Red carpet facial once a week

Ok, so we at India may/ may not have access to KINARA’s Red Carpet Facial, but Halle Berry swears by it. It’s like her holy grail, and as she exclaims, she has to do it once a week. For those who do not know, the red carpet facial consists of a three-tier repairing mechanism—a peel, a hydrating neutralizer and an oxygen mask to wrap it up all. If you are anything like me, the very word PEEL gives me the creeps, but let me clear this—the red carpet facial peel uses lactic and malic acid both, but it gives just a little exfoliating feel. This is kind of relaxing if you take my word for it.


beauty secrets of halle berry


SPF, SPF and more SPF

As if we all bloggers together could not make you realize the importance of SPF as of yet; here is Halle Berry, who can’t stress enough on the significance of SPF. The biggest secret behind her ageing-yet-graceful skin is her religious use of high SPF. Her go to makeup (that is when she is not working) routine generally includes smoothening up a moisturizing sunscreen, adding a touch of cream blush and slathering up tinted lip balms so as to make her lips fuller.

The toothbrush trick

I felt so proud of myself when I first got to know that even Halle Berry uses the toothbrush trick which I have been swearing by since the time I ventured into the world of lip makeup. The trick is fairly simple—apply a thick layer of Vaseline or any lip balm on your lips, let it stay for a good 15 minutes let the lips absorb all the goodness), then using a slightly damp toothbrush, brush your lips in a gentle, circular manner in order to slough off all the dry, flaky, dead skin. According to Berry, the journey from chapped to smooth lips, is just a toothbrush away.

Beautiful in short hairstyles

Halle Berry has had a long history of short hairstyles—from long bobs to curly pixies—she has done it all. Not that she needs to justify her hairstyle choices, she tells her fans that short, cropped up hair gives her confidence. It’s like long hair let her hide her features beneath those luscious locks; whereas short hair gives her the freedom to come in front of the world in a more bare manner—it is what it is, accept it.

Confidence is the key

Ever heard of the word? If no, I scream it aloud now, CONFIDENCE, loads and loads of it. This is what you need to look your absolute best, according to Halle Berry, who herself oozes dozens of confidence from every inch of her splendidly awesome body. And she advises the same for each one of us. Pretty convenient, but pretty breathtaking if you ask me!

So here it is; the insider beauty secrets from the beauty-queen Halle Berry herself. Would you be implementing any of her secrets in your books? Let us know.

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