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Hi beauties Γ‚Β πŸ™‚
Since I tried a vampire look and got good responses, I decided to give Halloween posts a thumbs-up ! So I would try to come up with simple looks for Halloween. Today it rained and I got motivated to do a rainbow inspired look, and then I finally made up my mind to do a fairy incorporated look along with the Ò€œrainbowÒ€ colors πŸ˜‰ just for an idea of rainbow colors I used this image :-


rainbow eye mkaeup halloween make up images

major Stuff required:-
Ò€’ A primer.
Ò€’ Multi-color eyeshadows.
Ò€’ Rhinestones Crystals & cosmetic glue (optional).
So lets start the tutorial Γ‚Β πŸ™‚
Step1:– Prime and conceal the eyelids :-
First of all I covered up my eyelids and surrounding area with a primer base and then concealer. Doing this would ensure better color pay-off and they would last long. I started with a very base color, i.e yellow-peach based color along the lashes. I just placed the color along the lashes using vega angular blender. Doing this doesnÒ€ℒt require any blending, in fact I didnÒ€ℒt blended any part. Then on top of the 1st color, I used an orange based color and placed it (just like you would color on top of any other color, without any blending). Similarly I placed an aqua color on the top of the 2nd color, Then followed by a purple and pink color at last. Just to remind again, the colors I used in order (from base) are yellow, orange, blue, purple, and pink.


rainbow eye makeup eye makeup  tutorial


Step2:– Pull off the color and make swirls:-
After youÒ€ℒve placed all the color on your lids, start pulling off the respective colors by using a flat angular stiff brush. What we want to do is, continue pulling out the colors and extending them, giving them any shape (I just swirled my small stiff brush). highlight the brow bone, lined your eyes and curl lashes, use falsies if you wish.


rainbow eye mkaeup make up techniques


At last I used some rhinestones and glued them on using a cosmetic glue, this is optional, but the charming part of this look πŸ˜‰ :blush: and I didnÒ€ℒt had small rhinestones otherwise I would have preferred using them only πŸ™


rainbow eye mkaeup halloween make up eye makeup tutorial


This is the final look, hope you all like it, as it is my first time attempting the Halloween looks :fingersxd: :suspense:
Following are the products used:-


rainbow eye mkaeup how to do make up on eyes



Thank you guys !! Godbless !


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  1. This is perfect for halloween..especially with the blue lenses! hehe..

    how did u do the swirls so nicely Ups? ive done swirls with black felt liners n all..but hav never been so gud with e/s…

  2. Oooops… What a look girl!! Absolutely halloween… I think it’ll be ‘hot’ during holi too!!
    You are super creative!! Hats off babe


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