Halloween Hairstyles To Try This Year


Halloween Hairstyles To Try This Year

Hey gorgeous ladies,
Halloween is not only just fun with bizarre costumes and scary makeup, Halloween is fun with creepy hairstyles too. Halloween is just two days away, and I am here with a list of most popular, creepy and fun hairstyles that you can try!

Queen of Hearts

red queen haiestyle

Remember Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland? Makeup Artist Brain Bond says The Red Queen Wig has a pronounced hairline, if your hairline is exposed when you put on the wig, then take a sponge and generously apply the M.A.C. Pro Studio Fix in Shivering White and blending it in, right on the hairline.

Middle crimped hair

crimped styled hair

This is the perfect zombie hairstyle. Blow dry hair straight with volumizing mousse. Follow with a crimping iron on just the middle part. Add a temporary red hair dye for added effect. I would prefer using talcum powder on my second day washed hair to get the streaky, dry, voluminous zombie hair.

Crown Braid- Frida Kahlo look

review Halloween

I am a fan of Frida Kahlo and her works. But this crown braid Frida Kahlo Halloween look is too stunning to ignore. Even more than 60 years after her death, Frida Kahlo’s unconventional beauty still influences the way we glam up our look. Example: the crown braid made famous by her. So tie up your hair in crown braid and adorn it with flowers.

Witch hairstyle


One of the easiest hairstyles and one of the most favorite of Halloween frantic people. Witch are generally seen (or not seen, just imagined) with wavy, long layered hairstyle. So if you have such hair, then congratulations, you are a witch. Just Kidding! I have wavy hair, unfortunately no longer long. So all you have to do is apply lots and lots and lots of talcum powder on your second day dirty hair. Now run your fingers randomly and make sure the powder is evenly distributed. This will help you in looking like a witch from every angle. Don’t comb. And you are done. If you feel this is too complicated, then say hello to wig.

Medusa hairstyle

hair for halloween

Medusa is one of the most copied mythical characters on Halloween. Nail this simple Greek goddess look with a braided updo and pin some fun plastic snakes into it. That’s it… Pretty easy, isn’t?

Heavily gelled Boufant Style

beehive hairstyle

It is pretty easy too. Just poof up the front portion of your hair as much as you can. You can use hair bumpers too if you feel like using one and give a more dramatic look. Now apply gel or wax on the strands of hair in the front. Let it harden a bit and then spray white spray color sparingly on the waxed/gelled portion. Tie the rest of the hair in a low nape bun. You can also leave your hair open. If you do so, just add texture (the witchy texture) by applying talcum powder and messing your hair up with your fingers.

Devilish Cat woman

halloween woman

Are you planning to dress up like a sexy devil for the Halloween party? You can either go for Devil horns or you can also try the look this girl went for in the picture. Just part your hair in the middle and roll up the portions on the top of your head.

So? Seems fun? Try these looks, do your Halloween makeup, wear your Halloween costumes and scare the hell out of people! 🙂

Which hairstyle are your going to try for Halloween?

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