Hand Cream:Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream Review


Hand Cream Body Shop Kind Heart Hand Cream Review
My hands feel dry all the time  🙁 ,this was not the case before but suddenly they even  feel dry while I am typing here :D:D .I used Fab India lemon intensive hand cream before but in this hot summer it made me feel greasy so I bought myself Body shop soft hands kind heart hand cream .I have not read any reviews of this cream before but when the SA told me how 100% of the net proceeds go to their global charity programme to raise awareness against self trafficking of children I thought of adding my two cents to it by purchasing the product.

Body shop  kind heart hand cream review

Price of the body shop hand cream -  Rs 275 for 50 ml

What the The Body Shop Product  product claims :-

Softens and moisturise.Infused with angelica extract and community trade olive oil.(For all skin types)

How I used Body Shop Hand Cream -I just take pea size of the cream and rubbed my hand with it. I use  it some 4-5 times a day when ever I washed my hand or when they feel  dry .

Body shop  kind heart hand cream review

My experience with the hand cream

Initial experience – My maid went for vacation for 10 days and I was doing all the utensil cleaning which made my hands severely  dry.I needed a heavily moisturizing cream but the affect of the cream lasts only for an hour.After an hour my hand use to feel dry again :(.

Fragrance – It had this weired strong smell which few of you might not like.

Packaging – It has this simple white packaging with a flip cap and a squeeze tub which makes it easy to carry it around while traveling.Tube packaging maintains the hygiene factor of the product too.

Body shop bath and body

Greasiness – The best part of using this cream was that it glides with in seconds and there was just no greasy feeling.I didn’t have to wait to get back to work after using it.If you are a college student and have problem holding pen after using any hand cream then you might like it.Won’t mention about working people as I think we almost have forgotten about using pen 😛


Texture – It has this thick texture but surprisingly still it get absorbed with in seconds :).I took this pic right after blending this much of cream and still there is just no greasy feeling .

The body shop soft hands cream review

Effectiveness – I have completed more than half of the tube still my hands are in bad shape.It might work for those who don’t need hydrating cream just need hand cream to maintain  the hand smoothness.Using it in winters is just not recommended in summers if you have oily hand then you might give it a try.:)

Will I re-purchase it again – No, I wont I am thinking of buying Neutrogena hand cream

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  1. i go for home remedy – rub malai at night before going to bed, rub rub rub for good 6-7 min while watching TV and then sleep peacefully :ZZZ: :ZZZ:
    ya it is little greesy but after i sleep, koi fark nahi padta 😉

      • i don’t know its my blog or problem of blogger…i uploaded the pics but it was showing “image not found” 😕 i was confused that the image has been uploaded or not..and then accidently my fingers clicked in publish button, where as i was not ready with full post, so i deleted :-(( but will make it up in 2 days..

    • if u don have dry hand problem then u might enjoy it Bhumika only thing is sniff it before purchasing it..

      how u doing ..enjoying the free time??

  2. anamika…dont buy neutrogena hand creame……bekaar hai…..greasy,doesnot get absorbed at all….just stays on hand surface..and as soon as u wash ur hands the creame goes away leaving hands dry and high……save ur money for better things……


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