Happy B’day Tupsi-Jaan!!!!


Today, we have a special B’day girl in our midst. Someone who has been part of Wiseshe for quite some time now..My encourager towards red lips, we know her by the name of a flower…Her smile is just out of this world and the sight of those pearly whites is enough to brighten up our day. Any guesses to who we’re talking about????

It’s Tulipss!!!!! (Riya G.) !!! Wish you many many happy returns of the day Tupsi! Wish you  a lifetime of happiness, fun times with Tops and oodles of makeup! Muaah!


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  1. Awwwww happy birthday tupsi!!!!!! the lady with most amazing lips ive ever come across..! Hope u have a fabtabulous day babes :*

  2. Happy wala Bday Tupsiiiiiii……..OMG ! C u got MAC ka Cake ..I almost fainted…

    u have been a gem ..tupsi dahla! Be the way u r! Love U..Mwaaah! :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :lipstick: :inlove: :cake: :heart: :beer: :rose:

    • yipeeeeeeeee i got a mac cake 😛 i will never cut it just stare at it..sigh 😀 thank u sooooooo much dahling… :-* :hug-makeup: :heart:

  3. hI hI HI……..HOW ARE you all….a bit busy day today for me :reallyangry: miss you all…. 😕
    Happyyyyyyy Birthday Tupsi…… :cake: :rose: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:

  4. Awww happiee birthday tulips :cake: :party: :party: :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll: :dance-left-right: :yippee: :lipstick: lots of love :hug-makeup: :present: and make-up :lipstick: 😛

  5. Happeeee Birthdaaaaay Tupsiii! :yippee: Hope u have a great day n a great year ahead. N hopin to see more n more of ur super awesome lip swatches :lipstick: :lipstick: :-))


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