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Anamika is my lifeline and compliments and completes me in a most wonderful manner. We’re best friends who fight a lot, we compete with each other and yet are the biggest support. I must admit that after Anvika, she manages way more stuff than me and still has time for everything – baby, family, home, health, movies, websites : writing, managing, business, growth … phew :) . Anamika ! at times, I think you feel bad for not giving more time to Anvika, but I must tell you, you’re doing perfect ! You’re simply awesome and we both love you for that, all the time ! Wish you a fantastic year ahead !

– Kapil

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My pal, my confidant, my advisor
A wife, a mother, an entreprenueur
Shes a hottie, shes a total babe
Sab poochte hain kaun hai ye…

Shes my superwoman
She brings a smile to our faces.
Usko dekhke dil hota hai garden garden
Uski ek jhalak se sab chale jate hain heaven

Tday is a special day for her
So lets get together to say

– Zara


“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There’s no one alive who is you-er than you”

It is an immense pleasure to get the opportunity to write something for you on your birthday.
Words could never express how much we are proud to call you our inspiration, our guiding friend our idol. I envy your inner strength and the person it has made you. You are a true women, beautiful inside and out. I love your attitude, your style and your ability to connect with people with your sweet down to earth nature..

I was a little unsure about myself when I stepped into this world of blogging, but your constant inspiration and motivation has kept me going and I really hope to never let you down..

I just want to wish you a very very happy birthday..and a long long life , as colourful and as beautiful as ur makeup stash…

– Madhubani


Happy birthday to the girl with a golden heart and innocent smile…
I am sure people have already said enough about your beauty Ana but one thing that I have been admiring since day 1 is your humbleness and that you take along each one of the writers and readers as a family. If I were to say something to you on your birthday- I would confess that I am in love with the kind of happy soul you are and this is what I am going to wish for you on your birthday as well- “May you be always blessed with happiness and contentment both within your family and professional front. May the inflow of makeup, clothing and accessories never stop… 😛 and may you always remain what you are” God bless you babe! 🙂 :*

– Dr.Sahiba


Ana, here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

You came in my world when I needed you the most, I dealt with snooty people who broke my heart but then I met you 🙂

You are the best person whom I have meet while blogging. Thus, this post is for you to know that you are special for us.

May your year ahead be full of glow and success. Lots of Love

– Vrinda


There are very few people who come and leave an impact on your life. You are one of those special persons I have ever known who has always taken care of its blog readers. The way wiseshe and its sister blogs growing day by day, I just want to say you are doing a commendable job. You leave no stones unturned to encourage your readers. On this very special occasion, I wish you all the happiness of the world and success that you truly deserve. Just enjoy your day babes, you absolutely deserve it.

– Tapaswini


To one of the loveliest lady I have worked with,

Wishing you loads of happiness and success in every walk of your life.
I am so glad that I have joined Wise She. And it gives me immense pleasure and great pride to be a part of the wonderful team of Wise She.

Things wouldnt have been so colorful with out you, Anamika!!

Happy Birthday Anamika !!!
Have a rocking day! Have a blast!!

Loads of wishes once again. 🙂

– Chandana


Wish you a very Happy Birthday 🙂 . I am blessed to have you in my life, tum jiyo hazaaro saal (ofcourse by growing younger every day 😛 )


– Tarun


I’m not good with words so I will just wish you everlasting happiness in life. You are very sweet.

Happy Birthday 🙂



Loving, committed, hard-working, sweet, talented, enterprising, glamorous, super-mom, multi-tasker….I’m running out of adjectives here to describe our beautiful Birthday gal Ana. Yes, she’z “ours” isn’t she? We all love her since Wiseshe is, after all, one large happy family. :cute:

For me, this space rules my life and Ana, you will always be a special someone who made a difference to my life in more ways than you’ll ever know. :hug-makeup: Even though we’ve never met (and I do hope to do so someday), I feel like I’ve known you for life. You’re always on my mind and it’s always great to hear from you. Sweety, I wish you a very VERY Happeee Birthday and loads of love and good cheer ahead. May God Bless you and your lovely family. Mmmuah :-*



And let the wishes pour !!



  1. Here’s wishing you some of the best wishes for your beautiful life and may your happiness doubles up with each passing day after this day..!
    You are an inspiring soul Ana…I found my share of happiness & some amazing people here at this place…!
    Thanks for being such a humble & down to earth person..! We love you & wish you success ahead…! Happy B’day! :-* :-*

  2. Happy Birthday anna, lots lots of love,may god bless you with every thing in your life and its party time, party tho bhanthi hai!!!!!!

  3. Wonderul collage of pictures, you look more gorgeous with passing tie, Happy Birthday! Have a great time, Do post your haul pics 😀 of birthday

  4. Wish u a very very very Happy Bday anamika di… may ur life be filled with immense joy and prosperity 😉

  5. Wish u lots of love,success,peace and blessings in the coming year Ana di..Happy birthday live your day to the fullest:*

  6. IT`s inspiring how you manage everything so well 😀 Zara rightly called you a superwoman…You have a beautiful family…happy birthday to you ^_^

  7. Happi Birthday Anamika 🙂 Loads of good wishes to the most inspiring super woman .May God always bless u and ur family with lots of happiness and success.

  8. Wish u many many happy returns of the day dear. May your life be full of every joy and success that you dream of. May you live a long happy and healthy life with your loved ones 🙂 <3

  9. Hey Anamika… Happy Birthday!!!! Have a fab day and a wonderful day ahead… God bless you and your lovely family…


  10. Happy B’day dear Ana, have a blast today , wish u loads of love, happiness for the coming year. And wat a coincidence Ana today is akshay tritya u are super lucky , buy any form of gold today and it will flourish for the year to come :))

  11. Happy happier happiest birthday sweetie pie. May you get all that you deserve and desire.

    Loads of love :*

  12. Wish u many many happy returns of d day Ana 🙂 u r really a Super woman……..n a true inspiration to many Women……Love u Loads Ana……:) 🙂

  13. Such a wonderful post and heartfelt messages from wonderful people around us 🙂
    wish you a very happy b’day ana 🙂 you truly are best example of superwomen and i salute you for that 🙂
    the way you manage everything and still smile and take things lightly is so commendable and this is something i want to learn from you
    XOXO 🙂

    wishing you healthy and wealthy year ahead 🙂
    i am happy to be part of wise she family and want to be an active member as much as i can 😀

  14. Happy birthday ana…ur our inspiration….may god bless u wit lots of happiness nd sucess in ur lyf,,,luv u loads dear…hav a blast

  15. I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday Anamika 🙂

  16. Thank you so much for your wishes gals. I am happy that we all could bring smile on Anamika’s face, yayyyyy 🙂 . She did respond but she is traveling and her comment somehow did not appear here.

    • I am sorry for replying late as I was travelling my net connection was acting up..

      I cant thank you guys enough for making my birthday so special on WiseShe. Frankly speaking I

      had no plans to write about my birthday here.I just wanted to travel with my girl and relax a bit

      but oh! My God..You guys made my birthday so so special.. In the end this mad blogging world

      seems to be worth it..

      @Niveditha – Thanks babes:)

      @Shivi – Thanks dear..I am horrible late too.

      @Arzoo – thanks sweet..

      @Kiran – thank u so much dear.

      @Karisham – thanks babes

      @Haritha – Thanks ..means a lot to me 🙂

      @Shambhavi – Thanks girl 🙂

      @Rashmi – Thanks Rashmi and belated happy birthday to you as well..Superwomen..haha..I am

      just crazy and insane and in love with life 🙂

      @Sri – thanks dear

      @Mitra- Thanks Maits..i think God has been kind to me and have given me a lot..Couldnt ask for

      more 🙂

      @Saniya – thanks Saniya..i found u sweet too ..Hope we meet soon 🙂

      @Neetu – I didn’t do that dear ..May be next time 🙂

      @Vandana – thanks babes

      @Himadri – thanks

      @Pragnya – Thanks 🙂

      @Sahana – thanks so much dear.

      @Charu – thanks so much

      @Pihu- thanks girl..glad u find me inspiring .

      @Arja – thanks girl..Zara is always kind ..how u doing?

      @Divya – Thanks dear

      @Princa – thanks girl

      @Gurpreet @ Maani in Melbourne – thanks girl

      @Sravanthi – thanks

      @Himani – thanks ..hopefully this year will be rocking.

      Coming to a few more lovely girls here

      @Zara – One of my reliable pal Zee..You are lovely and i am really posessive about you..I feel like

      protecting you and that is why keep adivising you ..love u girl

      @Madhubani – You are such a bubbly and vivacious girl..I so like to see you here..Full of fun and

      beauty you are..Thanks so much for the kind words..

      @Dr Sahiba- Its a pleasure having you here..I always stay happy as I believe in growing together

      and that is why wiseshe memebers are family for me ..You are really special and i am sure you

      know that girl ..I see you everywhere be it on fitnessvsweigthloss, fashionlivemedia or wiseshe..I

      am sure down the lane you will join baby blog too..lol.

      @Vrinda- Taruna keeps praising you and your attitude..We just connected as great minds think

      alike..Love yaa and thanks for the wishes 🙂

      @Chadana – you are one of the pillar of wiseshe who is extremely committed..Glad to find you


      @Tarun – What should i say about you..More i speak to you more I come to know how beautiful this

      world is and people like you just makes life so worth living..I wish you so much more ..and thanks

      for such a beautiful surprise..

      @Maitri – thanks dear..you are so good with articles 🙂

      @Nafisa – known you since so long and you have seen me on blog in all shape and sizes .. I feel

      trusted when u send me yur pics ..and I so hope we meet someday ..may be next kerala trip 😉

      Last but ofcourse the most important person of my life-

      K- Thank you for giving me a dream life .I every day thank God for such wonderful blessings.. I

      somtime wonder how I can be so lucky to have such a big support in my life :*

  17. Wish you a very Happy B’day Anamika. I am not a regular part of Wise She. Just a routine reader. Everything has been said already about you here from friends and family but I would still like to put up one thing again. You are a real great inspiration for any girl/woman. Have a great great great Year ahead.
    All The Best!


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