Happy Birthday Jan!!!


Today is a very special person birthday who we meet recently.A person who changes the atmosphere of the blog the moment she steps in :).Her office stories and the mini gang is what makes Wise She so much special and makeup lot more fun 🙂

This is what Zee has to say about Jan 🙂

Jan really infuses so much life into WiseShe and there isn’t a day when we don’t look forward to her chatter. Her presence is like a dose of adrenaline that keeps us going and we can’t imagine wiseShe without her. She is such a darling and has become an integral part of our daily chats somuch so, that even a day without her banter makes it all ‘Soona soona’… 🙂




So what are you waiting for Jan?

Blow out the candles and make a Wishhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂


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  1. Happeeee Birthdayyy Januuuuu :hug-makeup: :-* U actually started ur shopping ban right on ur bday?? 😯 Way to go girl! :yes: Hope u can compensate it by receiving lotsssss of gifts :present: present: :present:

      • only if i get the cake in the pic.. ok fine who m i kiddin!!! ya.. so i’ve spoken to jan many times… she’s seem to b out right frank n bold.. she’s fun to talk to.. n tho we’ve met thru wise she n everytime i talk to her she’s always tryin to find out if i got another job which s very sweet.. n she’s surprised everytime i speak normal stuff ( acc to me) she’l b lik o i never tho u’d talk lik this but i no thats how even she talks… lolz… she’s my type o gal.. n u better b careful n not mess wid her.. coz her manager has n gets a earful everyday.. lolz… n she’s belting up the HR dude while i write this m sure… ok now common give me the bag in the pic.. even cake chalega….

        • sallu i love you .. i’ll get you the cake .. thanks for those nice sweet words .. dude i am surprised you talk like that coz i know ur dad is strict. u sound very sweet on phone, so sometimes ur words and face doesnot match.. but if ur macha types i am very happy, i hate prissy gals ..

          And babe you guessed it right, HR got belted. :rotfl:

          • love u too jan… hav a gr8 dal darlin.. i think u missed wer i said “i want the bag” 😛 i wudn mind the cake too as long as i don hav to share.. “i don share food” 😛 have a brilliant day ahead!!!

            PS- i pitty the HR!! 😀

            • okies .. i’ll get you the ‘bag’ wala cake .. promise me u’ll eat it full .. alone .. 😀

              Dont pity him, he’s a useless piece of scumbag .. chamcha types ..

  2. Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Janani :cake: :cake: with lots of Love :heart: :rose: and Loads of Make up :lipstick: :lashes: :beauty:
    Have great day…. :hugleft: :hugright: :kissblow: :party: :party: :beer: :drunk: :drunk: :present: :present:

  3. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Janani….Have a grt Day….and May u get loads of makeup stuff as gifts…and then we get to read some more fundu reviews( :dance-left-right: )

  4. ohhh 😛 happy belated birthday :cake: 😀 hope you had a blast baby :yippee: :lipstick: but still wish you lots and lots of love and make-up for the rest of the year and many more to come :lipstick: :lipstick:


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