Happy Father’s Day From Little Anvika :)


Dear Daddy!

fathers day happy 20132

Mommie has been pretty excited about the father’s day and wanted it to be special. She is always busy in taking care of me and managing other things but she hurriedly ordered a father’s day cup for you which has not reached till yet. She was a little upset about it but then she bought your favorite cake although you wanted to have lunch that time 😛 Mommie couldn’t cook anything as the whole time went away in making breakfast as the maid was on leave.

fathers day happy 20132

Things got a little messed up but on this day and  I must tell you that mommie thinks you are the Bestest Dad. Daddy, I also think you are nice when you share a little bite of chocolate with me no matter how much Mommie refuses you to do so. I love you when you take me in the evening on a stroll with a diaper bag feeling proud while other aunties are out with their kids and let mommie go to gym that time.You are the perfect new generation papa who cooks, cleans and takes care of me like my second mother.

Love you loads

You’s  little Anvika 🙂


  1. Oh Anu,

    I simply adore little anvika….such a perfect family.
    God bless you all and shower you with all the
    bestest things in the world 🙂
    love you

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