Happy Holi & Skincare Tips For The Festival Of Colors


Skincare tips for the Festival of Colors


Hello all my lovely ladies..!

It is a great excitement to see people playing with colors.

So, this is what today’s post is dedicated to…Yes…about how to care for your skin for Holi so that you don’t have a trouble to deal with the skin problems after the festival is over and that all the fun and laughter remains as a happy memory and don’t remind you of your damaged skin.


Holi safety tips


Tips to follow before playing with colors


It is very important to keep your skin free from impurities so for that purpose using a gentle cleanser is the best to get the clear skin. A cream based cleanser will be the best as it will keep the skin soft and remove dirt and oil in a gentle way.


Deep pore Cleansing milk



After a proper cleansing, toning is also essential to refresh the skin without striping the natural moisturizers of the skin. Using an alcohol free toner would be the best to use on the skin. You can also spray rose water to instantly tone the skin & also close open pores easily!


smooth skin tone



Using a gentle moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated would be the essential beauty chore. Apply moisturizer generously so as to form a protective layer on the skin so the Holi colors do not damage the skin at all! 🙂


Hyaluronic Acid skin moisturization


So, this was the basic skincare routine that should be strictly followed before hand to avoid any skin related issues…!

Well, this is just the skin preparation and what about protection from the color…?? Confused..!! 🙁

Okay, do not worry… just follow this simple advice to apply a thin coat of Titanium Dioxide (usually used by athletes & sportsperson to protect the skin from harmful sunrays) on your face to avoid the damaging effect of the synthetic colors used while playing with colors.

Alternatively, one can also use the commonly available petroleum jelly present in every house so as to form a barrier between the skin and the colors used for playing.

Using a good sunscreen with higher SPF value is also a great way to protect your skin.

And if you don’t want to apply any chemical substances on your gentle skin opt for extra virgin olive, almond oil or sesame seed oil. This will keep the skin moisturized and protect the skin from direct contact with metallic colors.

Tips to follow after playing with colors:

So after the madness and joyful playing gets over do not rush to get your skin clear. Proper method to remove color from your skin is equally essential in this regard.

Do not use a foaming face wash or soap to get rid of the color. Instead opt for an oil cleansing method with oils like coconut, almond, olive & sesame seed oil. These oils will gently and effortlessly remove the color on the skin without damaging the skin in comparison to the detergent based face washes available in the stores.


essential oils


Following this method will save your time and energy as the color stains would be removed easily and you don’t need to wash your face many times to get rid of the color.

Another useful tip to get rid of color, which may have accidentally touched your skin surrounding the eyes, is to use a cotton ball dipped in baby oil and cleanse the under eye area and eye lashes.

After the color is gone from the skin, use a refreshing creamy face mask to replenish the lost moisture from the skin. Avoid the use of clay based masks as it tends to dry the skin which is already dehydrated due to the use of colors.


yogurt face pack


Use a hydrating serum to promote skin hydrating capacity and to maintain the elasticity of the skin cells.


hyaluronic acid serum


So, this is all you need to know and follow before the festival begins…! Have a safe association with colors and you will never forget the fun filled moments…! 🙂

watch full video here

Happy Holi. Play Safe. 🙂

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  1. i love holi and i never had problems with colors. since childhood we used to get oiled tip to toe b4 stepping out to play holi. and now being responsible citizens, my family and friends play with herbal colors and gulaals.
    btw happy holi


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