Happy Holi !!!!


A very happy holi everyone!!

As I am writing with whole yellow and green face I know today no excuse will  work 😛

Hope you have a fun filled and rocking Holi today 🙂

Happy Holi

Enjoy the desi Indian holi song 🙂


  1. Anamika, Happy Holi, I wanna see your yellow green face 😀 , you have to share that pic too,, we wiseshe readers demand that :smug: You always show all your FOTD right? So should share today’s FOTD also :rotfl:

  2. :announce: :announce: :announce: Holi Hai…..Bura na mano holi hai :party:
    i know every body is aving lots of fun….ENJOY :can: :liquor: :beer: :dog:
    Lots of water balloons :bomb: :bomb:

  3. Happy Holi to you too Anamika. Tell us how much of color did you put on. 🙂 I’m contemplating what about throwing long stay make ups on people instead? 😛

    • lolz..u have no idea how much i played with holi colours today..will upload some pics and show you my holi look 😛


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