Happy Independence Day to all


Wise she wishes all its readers a very happy Independence day.Let us join hands and do our bit to make India a corruption free country which is free from blame games and dirty politics.

Do hear Jawahar lal Nehru Independence day speech below.It is considered to be one of the greatest speeches when a country gain independence.

The way leaders in our past tried to gave us a better future lets join hands and do our bit to give better India to our next generation.We all our busy in our own ways but even praying for our country for two minutes can help our country in its own way.

I am planning to donate blood if not today then with in this month for sure.This day will not be less then any festival for us.Will be wearing some good make up and any dress which shows that I am proud to be an Indian.

Jai Hind!!!


  1. oh dear, thanks for posting this video… precious precious! Happy Independence Day!!
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  2. Hey Ruth..this video is so nostalgic..I wish i could have experienced this moment some thing like this…

    Whats the plan today?

  3. Happy Independence say Ankur.I know this independence day has made us loose out one off but still we have a reason to rejoice:)


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