Happy Valentine’s Day And Some Facts :D


I think every one  gets excited on Valentine’s day no matter even if they are  single, engaged or a married couple for years :).Though Love doesn’t need a special day of celebration but still  we women can atleast show  that we “expect” some special gift  today 😉

valentines day wishes

On this beautiful day I got to share some facts with you guys I  hope you guys enjoy  it as much as I did 🙂

1. Girls in medieval times use to dream about their future spouse and enjoy eating bizarre food on valentine’s day :D:D.Do you find it weird or cute?? 😛

2.73% percent of flowers are purchased by man on valentine’s day :D::D and rest 20% are purchased by women but in those 20% also women purchase flowers for their mothers :highfive:

3.About 15% of women who live in US send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day 🙂 :rose: :rose: :rose:

4.During the middle ages women took out names out of a bowl and the name which they drew will be their valentines.They would wear the persons name on their sleeves for a whole week 😀

A Very Happy Valentine’s Day To You Guys!!!

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      • lol im so much in love with myself one day isnt enough to satisfy me 😛 anyways ek chotu plan hai and that is evening me mom dad ke liye ghar pe pittjja (pizza) banaungi 🙂 nothing Vday ke liye bus plan aaise hi bana liya tha 😛 now will give it a twist might get a few candles and blow it together :)Vday ke khatir 😛


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