Happy Vishu To ALL


Early in the morning I saw some of the neighbor  ladies making beautiful rangoli and when I asked her the purpose she told me about Vishu which is the most important festival of kerala:)

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Significance of vishu is felt through bounteous happiness that gets flown to all Keralites as they celebrate. It marks the end of the harvest season and herald of a new spring season to plant new saplings and venture new projects. On the first day of the Malayalese month of New Year, Vishu is observed. People open up their eyes in the morning as they offer Vishukanis to their god to catch the glimpse of the lucky sight. This lucky sight as believed bring good luck and prosperity to their lives for the rest of the year. Vishu is also significant to convey deepest human feelings amongst all to radiate good will and peace through music, dance and enjoying special feast of this day.(From

Happy Vishu to all my dear friends:)!!!

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  1. Happy Vishu from my too… 😀 😀 😀
    though in west bengal 15apr is starting of bengali new year and its called pohela boeshak means 1st day of baisakhi..

    so subho nawa varsha to shreya, nivedita & all bengali beauties here…

    • nothing specific, but as i said it is New Year of Bengalis :-))
      elder people give gifts (most probably new dresses) to their family members, my sasuma gets a new saree every year on this day from my dad-in-law 😀
      Its a celebration so feast is organised, lots of dishes + desserts are cooked, people go to meet their friends in eve…like wise. :-))


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