Happy Women’s Day & Some Moments


Hey Guys!

A very happy Holi and a Women’s day to all! It’s good to know that every one in the world must be celebrating something today and we Indians have two occasions.

Isn’t it awesome being a woman now ?

We get to do so many things which men will never be able to do and we have it easier than them in many many ways 😀

  • We get to wear makeup and who doesn’t love being dolled up. My husband spends 15 minutes in selecting the right shampoo but poor fellow can’t get the pleasure of choosing lipstick or blush 😀
  • I love being a woman because God has given me the power to create a life. Carrying a life for nine months and giving birth is something which can not be put into words.
  • I get to cry without thinking what other will think about me 😀
  • And get to wear whatever I want with so many choices 🙂

ah! I can go on and on and best thing which happened to me is Wise She. With Wise She I got to meet so many wonderful women which makes me feel amazing .

Below are some of the clicks of the past which made me put them once again today on this special day 🙂

Meeting unknown friends and share coffee with them 🙂




Ever thought meeting like minded people could have been so easy?




Getting to see so many beautiful pieces which made me droooll


marcasite stoned silver toe ring



Food which always was and is a hot topic here


cake recipe


and last but not the least MAKEUP which I can never have enough of.



Coming together on a single platform and discovering and sharing passion which was rare to find before makes life so beautiful !

Thanks to all you wonderful ladies, the ‘She’  behind our site, for making me a lot ‘Wiser’ 🙂 Happy Women’s Day once again and Happy Holi to all.



  1. happy holi to you and all wise she readers :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  2. Aww… Happy holi n women’s day t all.. Wiseshe is really an all encompassing arena…makeup, chit chat, food… And food… And food… And food 😉 😉

  3. Oh yes phil…m a complete foodie!! In max posts we end up comparing the product to some dish and start drooling..no wonder m haining weight..all coz f wiseshe!!

  4. I know m LATE..but gals I already wished HAPPY WOMEN’s DAY at the other post of smooth n silky hair suggestion.. but only phil n zee wished me 🙁

    Never mind….. HAPPY HAPPIER HAPPIEST WOMEN’S DAY.. Girls! I am sooooooo happy & Proud I found u all.. I thank everyday to god in my prayers! thanks for giving me “WISESHE” :yippee: O:-) :lipstick:

  5. Happy women’s day galssssssssssssssssssss !! :yippee: :hug-makeup: every day is women’s day here on wiseshe :rock-n-roll: :hug-makeup: loveeeeeeeeeeed it Ana :hug-makeup: :kissblow:

  6. Hey Anamika Happy Women’s Day to u and Happy Holi Great Article yes we r privileged to b born as a woman who creates n nurtures life who forms the backbone of a family who is strong yet vulnerable who is emotional yet strong .

  7. awwwwww..cho sweet ana :hug-makeup: wiseshe has become hangout place for me. i am lill introvert kinds but i never felt awkward interacting wid u guys…u all u r chooo sweet n warmm :-*


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