Happy Womens Day – The WiseShe Womens Day Tag


Happy Womens Day  – The WiseShe Womens Day Tag


Happy Womens Day to all! Although i think with the amount of shopping and talking we do, every day is Womens Day its still fun to have a day internationally declared for us na?

So we decided to come up with something fun to do… A Womens Day Tag! Its just a bunch of 10 questions and you guys also have to reply to them in the comments sections. Its serious..its fun and will help us get to know each other a bit better too… so lets start shall we??

women's day 2014

Q1. What makes you so awesome?

Where do i start? πŸ˜‰ LOL..on a serious note i think i have alotta patience a d tend to persist in seeing the good in people. This quality has led me to hav many unusual friends too whom i love and cherish..just goes to show that noone should be carelessly written off..

Q2. An incident that changed your life

Not really an incident, but i used to stutter alot till 8th grade and was written off by teachers oz they thought i didnt know the answers to their questions whereas truth was that they didnt know i stuttered and didnt have the patience to wait for me to finish. My Maths teacher at the time realised this and made it a point to wait the full 5mins it would take me to revite a theorem. She even told the other teachers some of whom wede amazing to me and showed alotta patience after that. This gave me alot of confidence and mg stuttering kinda faded away a yr or 2 later..

Q3. Motherhood before 25yrs or 35yrs?

Hmmm…i used to think the ideal age to have a baby was about 24 or so, so that id be super young when my baby would be 25 and on her own leaving me to enjoy and have a 2nd honeymoon. Now though i feel the right time is anytime between 25 and 30yrs..i feel im much more mature now and would not regret having a child and would not blame her for the severe lifestyle change one undergoes after having a baby…

Q4. If you could describe yourself as a food/ dish what would it be?

Id go for pizza… yum yum πŸ˜‰ the topping variety could be the kind of person i am..could be sweet like pineapple topping or spicy like kadai chicken topping (m hungry now)..and how could i forget! I can be cheesy at times too…ok, scratch that..im cheesy ALL the time πŸ˜‰

Q5. A piece of advice which made you who you are today

When i was in college i had a pal who was multi-talented but never took full credit for his actions. Everyone knew how talented and wonderful he was but he never bragged or boasted and infact always gave credit to those around him. Once while havin coffee he happened to tell me that the biggest strength a person could have was humility. One can be multi-talented and do every activity woth aplomb but none of it will matter to others or bring others happiness if we brag about it. At the max we will feel happy inside a few times but it will start to feel shallow after a while without friends by our side.

I took his advice and now can attest to the fact that humility is indeed a quality everyone needs and indeed rewarding on many levels. Its not important to be validated by people around you all the time as long as you know who you are.

Q6. Sex or shopping.. your choice πŸ˜‰

I would have to say shopping followed by sex…after all, shopping puts me in a happy, zen state of mind which is perfect for the latter πŸ˜‰

Q7. If you could relate to 1 fairytale character who would it be and why?

Id peg myself as Merida from ‘The Brave’. As a kid i always felt uncomfortable in my skin. I was a tomboy and loved having fun and being un-girl-like which exasperated my mom to no end. She was always after me to wear frills and frocks instead of my denims and it wasnt until muuuuchhh later that we reached a common ground. It isnt easy being different from what society ordains but its far more painful to change drastically and unnecessarily so.

Q8. If you were the PM for 1day what would be your course of action?

Im not really knowledgeable about politics but the only 1 thing i would do would be to pass a bunch of laws punishing rapists without having to wait years for justice. Id also pass a mandate for compulsory sex Ed in schools and most importantly these sessions would be taken by trained persons and not bumbling nincompoops who would stumble and stutter after saying the word SEX.

Q9. If you won 1crore and had to spend every bit of it (no investing in property or putting it away in the bank), how would you spend it..break-up has to be mentioned

I would do only 1 thing…go on a world tour..dats my deepest wish πŸ™‚

Q10. If you could give a movie title to your life story what would it be?

Hmm..i cant pick just 1..so id say as a kid ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, during my teens ‘Frozen’, in college and at work, ‘Fast & the Furious’ and now ‘Baby Mama’.

That’s me for you gals…so whatcha waiting for!

I’m tagging everyone of you…start typing!

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  1. Happy womens day to each one of you here..
    and voaahh.. loved reading all that you’ve written about yourself Zara.. πŸ˜‰

  2. Here is from my side-
    1.Never say die attitude
    2.Recently..I must say it is my association with my beloved blog- Wise She as a writer..it has given me so much inspiration to do more better and better not only in my write-ups but also in different aspects of life :-* and yes a gang of like-minded beautiful friends also :-* :-* :-*. When we go a little back in my journey of life, it is my college days where I came out of my cocoon and discovered a new me- more confident and more positive a person.
    3.First childÒ€¦between the age of 25-28.
    4.IÒ€ℒd opt for thanda-thand Khus SlushÒ€¦cool and soothing.
    5.A wise piece of advice given by my Mom Ò€œLife is so short and grudges are a waste of time. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should and let go off what you can-not change πŸ™‚
    6.Shopping any time.
    7.I identify myself mostly as Belle- she is independent, strong and for whom inner beauty is more important than the physical one.
    8.I second ZeeÒ€¦exactly that is the first thing that came in my mind too after reading the question.
    9.10 lacs charity for organizations like CRY and Help age India etc..rest 90 lacs for some Jewellery, some for Make-up, some for tourism and some to purchase gifts for family and friendsÒ€¦even One Crores will be less looking at this list of mine πŸ˜‰
    10.Dil Maange more from Bollywood and in Hollywood movies it would be Ò€œIt’s a wonderful lifeÒ€.
    So thatÒ€ℒs all gals from my side.
    On a side note watched Queen today..ladies you gotta watch it..its awesome…its hillarious.. a salute to girl power. Kangy rocksÒ€¦Queen rocks..a must watch.

  3. Happy Women’s Day everybody πŸ™‚ N kudos to Zara for such an awesome tag πŸ™‚ I definitely know you better now.. So my turn to be tagged:
    1. Very adjustable to changes and give my 100% to everything in life..
    2. Lot of them.. Cant figure out one.. But more so, people who have let me down in life in any way have made me stronger and more ME than any other incident..
    3.Well I got married at 29 and still its just two of us.. SO have to opt for 35 yrs
    4.M like a coffee.. Fit for every occasion and lots of gupshup and masti πŸ˜‰
    5.Everythin said by my mother.. πŸ™‚ But d best – ‘Love your self the way u are’.. N dere is one which I picked up myself – ‘Life gives you exactly what you want – Be patient and believe every little dream u have’..
    6. Both.. whichever is right at the time πŸ˜‰
    7.Sorry.. But m not much inspired by fiction/fairytale πŸ™
    8. End the multiparty system and introduce a bi-party system so that if a politician wants to do good, he is not scared of govt. toppling any second.. This will ensure that India will become a better place to live in, though not a perfect state πŸ™‚
    9. Will definitely go for another round of higher education πŸ™‚
    10. I will make a new one – ‘There is something about Himani’ – I used to get this a lot in college and I kinda liked it πŸ˜‰

  4. Happy women’s day gorgeous ladies..!
    Zara you really are a happy & humble soul..! Loved the shopping or sex wala tag !! πŸ˜‰ :-p
    Enjoyed reading all the tags..! πŸ™‚

  5. This is very thoughtful of Team Wiseshe to look into our mindsets and know more about their readers..! which nobody else bothers to do so..!! Thanks a ton!
    Here is what I have to say-

    1- I believe I am a positive soul..My life had a fair share of ups and downs but I came out stronger with each passing day and year..so this makes me awesome!! :yes:
    2- I would surely sum up two incidents that changed my approach. First is the management degree which exposed my inner capability and the bundle of confidence buried inside me and second incident has to be my association with this blog since September 2013 which motivated me to explore so many areas of life which were distant dream for me..!
    3- I married before I turned 25 but I want to start my family by the time I turn 29 (which is a bit far). So by 35 I would surely complete my family. πŸ™‚
    4- I would say I am as simple as maggiii..!!! :-p
    5- This is my best friend’s (now husband) advice that I should set an example for my contemporaries by doing what they can never expect out of me..! This would be the best answer to their grudges against me without my saying a word..!
    6- Shopping definitely comes first to prepare my mind for the next course of action.
    7- I consider myself close to Cinderella as my life changed drastically after my Prince Charming held my hand..!! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚
    8- I would definitely pass an ordinance which stated that capital punishment will be the one & only punishment of rape and no other sequential observations relating to the severity of the offense would be entertained.
    9- If I have 1cr to spend away..I would donate 40 percent of it to orphanage and spend the rest on my family and friends..! oh did I mention I would also like to have an elaborate destination wedding in Mauritius..!!! πŸ˜‰ :-p
    10- My life story would be A walk to remember with the happy ending..!! And from Bollywood it has to be Haasil.
    Ohh still readinggg..!! Thanks for the patience ladies…!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    • Hehe…well im open abt it bt its neva easy t xplain to a kid na…so tuff t xplain n i hope i can do it whn d time cms πŸ˜‰

  6. 1- My name!! It means friendship and I make friends quite easily.
    2- Can’t think of anything in particular. But still my marriage is the biggest change as I’ve become somewhat patient now and know the meaning of sharing and caring.
    3- I’m 27 and am still a baby πŸ˜€ or so my hubby says. But now I think is the right time to hv a baby. Still contemplating the decision though.
    4- I’m like ice-cream. People may find me cold sometimes but I melt fairly easily πŸ˜›
    5- Keep getting many advices but yet to follow any.
    6- Depends on the mood πŸ˜‰
    7- I love fairy tales but can’t relate to any.
    8- Capital punishment for rape. Will make all courts fast-track. Would love to dismiss/punish all corrupt persons. Punishment and fine for bad drivers.
    9- Charity and shopping!!
    10- I’m a little obsessed with myself so it could be ‘Main Hi Hoon Na’ πŸ˜‰ or for my always smiling hubby ‘Hasaa to Phasaa’

  7. My chance..although i am not well but i would love to do this ..

    1. What makes you so awesome?

    Face that I run this awesome website Wise She πŸ˜› .

    Q2. An incident that changed your life

    I lost some one very close at the age of 22 and that completely changed my life ..There was lot of tears but it made me a very strong person.

    Q3. Motherhood before 25yrs or 35yrs?

    It depends upon everyone health and preference.I had an option to have a baby and continue living my dreams.I didnt have to leave my work so it was ok to pursue motherhood before 30 .If not in this profession I would have definitely opted for 35 πŸ˜›

    Q4. If you could describe yourself as a food/ dish what would it be?
    Maggi..Quick, simple and one never gets bored of it ever ..lol

    Q5. A piece of advice which made you who you are today

    I was working for a website where the owner asked me to start my own ..

    Q6. Sex or shopping.. your choice Wink

    Oh man! Its tough..both are just too important for me..but i still will go for shopping πŸ˜€ ..mmm followed by sex ..lol

    Q8. If you were the PM for 1day what would be your course of action?

    If its a matter of just one day then i will make shopping , travel and everything free for all ladies around.
    Shop till u drop, travel free..makeup, spas, bags, shoes, gadgets..just buy buy buy .I m sure i will be elected again πŸ˜›

    Q9. If you won 1crore and had to spend every bit of it (no investing in property or putting it away in the bank), how would you spend it..break-up has to be mentioned

    1 crore is too little an amount for me.
    I will just buy one mac cosmetic showroom.I think it will cost more than a crore though..rest i will manage with loan πŸ˜›

    Q10. If you could give a movie title to your life story what would it be?
    And she lived life queen size

  8. my turn:
    1) My patience and to take things as they come. You will rarely see me fretting over what ifs or buts!

    2)It was something that happened at work a few years back that taught me a laid back attitude is not always good- There is a time and place to be serious and a time and place to be chilled out. And yes: i came to realise i was nt indispensable – no one is

    3) I would say between 27-32 – At that age you are relatively settled and also have a variety of options you can exercise. And the fact remains that post 35 – u have far more issues in pregnancy that can be avoided if one has a baby before 32 or 33.

    4)Pizza! It is my fav food and the variety of toppings that one can have also reflects the various layers of my persona:P

    5)A piece of advice : Hmmm: My dad taught me always to be humble and never let success get to your head as it only leads to a downfall later

    6) Shopping for sexy stuff followed by sex:D

    7) I haven’t been much of a fairy tale person but who doesn’t like living like a princess?

    * ) Pm for a day? Well not much can be done in a day – but i would like to see rapists and molestors castrated instead of imprisoning them

    9) I love travelling – Travel and stay in the most luxurious of resorts – since i am a bit of snob when it comes to hotels. My ultimate would be taj exotica in maldives -its just lovely – and of course the highest suite :P. and some IT bags like LV or Hermes or shoes from Christian Louboutin

  9. 1 – I once read ” Do not pretend to be someone else, coz no one can be you, better then you” . I guess what makes me awesome its my originality πŸ™‚ . I love my curiosity to know , understand the world around me. I would love the explore everything I can and face everything that life throws at me.
    2 – Well, there are many small things that influence us everyday. Things don’t change drastically everyday, but when you look back a few years, there would be a whole lot of difference. But yes, the day I took my path of spirituality and had a Guru in my life, my life was completely changed and positive.
    3 – Very relative. Depends on ones lifestyle and preference. Motherhood before 25 or 35 or maybe no πŸ˜‰
    4 – I am a comforting cup of coffee I guess. Could be hot or cold depends πŸ˜‰
    5 – “In the whole scheme of things in the universe, remember you are nothing but a spec, yet unique. This will keep you grounded, yet happy.”
    6 – Both have the same “Big O effect” on my me πŸ˜‰
    7 -I am Russel from the movie UP or maybe Po from Kunfu Panda or even Alex from Madagascar (I like to move it , move it) πŸ™‚
    8- Sadly one day isnt enough to wipe of the bad in Indian politics today. Well I would ensure that we have the most efficient and strong judicial system in place. I guess most problems will start falling in place with it.
    9 – Without any doubt I would Bagpack the world with my hubby darling. Probably go on a one year long vacation round the globe. I am an ardent traveler. Both hubby and me love to travel and I think by now we earn to travel.
    10 – “Happy Feet”

  10. 1. aaww…. i me myself, everything in me. πŸ˜›
    2. The day I joined Wise She. Seriously.
    3. anytime between 25 to 30. I belong to that category. i see no harm. and looks like I have experienced every role I wanted to be in. graduate, postgraduate, girlfriend, eligible techie, a engineer & career orinted wife, a pregnant engineer, finally mom at 27, working mom, mom working late hours. :(, then finally a homemaker, a stay at home mom, a work from home mother, and now at wise she…. ooohhh… this category give sopportunity to play so many juggling roles.
    4. veg burger anytime. it never bores me. πŸ™‚
    5. stick to your own decisions no matter you recieve support or don’t. That’s teh only way your mind can be at peace.
    6. If my hubby is accompanying me in my shopping, then is would skip shopping. No I cant shop with him. So, that means sex takes the precedence… anytime.. (awww… no not anytime. I have to make sure my daughter is in deep sleep.)
    7. sorry, i don’t know any character of which I am really a great fan. it is now i got to know of some really nice characters cos of my toddler. Looks like i like Dora.
    8. Hang the ones who make women’s life insecure. And no fees to be collected in any school. I hate schools collecting 4 laks donation while enrolling a child into their school. And finally, it is we parents who teach them at home.
    9. No..no..!! No spending. I want this One crore to be my constant income. Long term fixed deposit with drawing out of teh monthly interest. One crore will fetch good interets amount…I know. Enjoy everday throughout life rather than just enjoy at one go. Complete India tour on my list first.
    10. helter-skelter … I am still not sure if this title will be apt. πŸ˜›


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