Happy Women’s Day !!!



Happy Womens day



Every day remind yourself that you are the best! !!

Happy Women’s day!!!!


International Women’s Day is meant to appreciate those who have the biggest but quietest influence in our lives.(from wikipedia)

So who has influenced you the most in your life?



  1. Hey A Very Happy Women’s Day to all beautiful divas out there :-* :-*

    @Anu, happy women’s to u specially coz b’coz of you, we all are together here in wiseshe…dhamaal macha rahe hai..
    So which one out of the 14type of ladies in the pic above, represent u the most Anu :-/ :-/

  2. Yeah, Happy women’s day to all! According to the definition posted above, I asked my hubby to wish me n take me to an Italian resto today to celebrate 😉
    Poor men, they don’t have anything to celebrate 😀 Early morning after hearing the news, that women r going to get 50% reservation, I started my philosophy that, I want to see that day when men will be in minority :P. After all, aaj tak jo ladkiyon ne sahan kiya hai, woh sab pay off bhi to karna padega na 😀 😀 😀

    • hahaha.. so true now my house has become women dominated…there is no preference given to boys there..girls are pampered through out and boys are asked to behave :))

      and this day is for us..we all should make our husband relaize how lucky they r to have us :rotfl:

      sadly man dont have a day but they do have birthdays 😀

    • Hey actually your wish has started to come out Sneha…according to a survey the Haryana population has 40% girls and 60% boys…and men are not finding enough women to marry!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  3. A very happy women’s day to all of you here 🙂
    and spoil yourself with more and more shopping and yeahhhh no cooking at home today ( let me make a plan) … 😀 😀

  4. Happy Women’s all the lovely ladies, especially Anamika :-*
    Anamika, I just opened the blog & this pic made me smile, I’m glad my day started so good :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

  5. Happy women’s day to all the lovely ladies here :rose: :rose:
    And Anamika, not only does your site help women in more than one way, but the name of the site too honours women 🙂
    :-* :-* :rose: :rose: to you for starting this blog :))

    I came across this and thought I’ll share it – When a woman is assertive and adamant about what she wants, she’s totally branded a ‘bitch,’ ‘difficult,’ ‘hard to work with,’ or whatever the case may be. You know what? I’ll take it. Call me a bitch, call me whatever, it doesn’t matter. What it all boils down to is when the day is over, I’m still walking away with what it is that I came in there to get.

    So fight for your rights and show all the people around us that we are not the weaker sex any more.

    • :clap: :clap:

      awesome !!! you know i feel so blessed that i was always valued more in my house and not in my in laws house too..so i some time feel i hope i am not snatching others right s 😛

      • Yeah nowadays ppl (at elast the well educated lot :P) have started valuing the ladies and the girl child. It feels so blessed to be born and married into a house with such ppl na :)) And no we are not snatching others rights 😀 Lets show some girl power :yes:

  6. evry tiem the womens are great not only one day so you most to remember that ant gooooooooooooooooooooooooood day for all wemens teh first my mother …….. with bid kissssss :inlove: :inlove:


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