Harmful ingredients in perfumes

Many perfumes causes headache to those who are sensitive to these chemicals deal with them big time. There is nothing called as herbal perfume(at least I never came across any) and all perfumes are generally made of chemicals only. Lack of awareness gives chance to companies to increase their profits by using cheaper and artificial ingredients.
Most of the time perfumes are made of petroleum or phtlates which are dangerous and highly toxic especially if used for long duartion of time. If one feel sick after smelling the perfume then dont think it is too strong or not of your liking.It is because when combination of chemicals are exposed one cannot tolerate it.
In olden days perfumes were made of natural ingredients and women sprayed rose extract and flower oil so that they can smell feminine.

Harmful ingredients used in Synthetic perfumes are as follows:-

Propylene glycol is the stuff which is used in antifreeze.
Phthalates is a plasticizer which is used to make plastic pliable like reusable food containers which is found in many synthetic perfumes.
Benzene derivatives is a gasoline ingredients .
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