Hashmi Kajal Stick Review


Hasmi Kajal /Hashmi Kajal Review

Hi Wiseshe beauties !! How are you? First of all, apologies to (Ana)Mika for not submitting this review on time 😛 . Well there were some reasons including my poor health and LAZINESS :shy: . Also, initially I was writing a simple review on this but then I changed my mind and decided to keep it elaborative and detailed. If you guys remember, I did a review on Oriflame Kajal eye liner in “NYX Giveaway” season. At that time I got few requests to do a review on Hashmi Kajal. So finally, here I am with the review of Hashmi Kajal. I will try to keep this review as complete and as informative as possible, hope you all like it.


What does the product say:


The case of kajal doesn’t say anything but this is what the website claim about the kajal “High Definition Hashmi Kajal Stick is a friendly-flow formula, with a smooth and sleek felt tip that is especially designed by our R&D Dept. to cater your eyes the very-best backstage finishing look to create a more vibrant and dramatic look that madly elaborates your eyes. The slim-line felt tip is best at obtaining the precision line. The sheer water proof texture of this Kajal stick prevents dragging around the sensitive eye area. It delivers the tan and precision without any fading, mess or spills.”


How to Apply Hasmi Kajal 


Website says “Clean the probe with the help of clean dry cloth. Dip it into the bottle and twist. Take out the probe, tap it gently to remove any excess material. Apply the probe into the eye. Repeat the same process for the other eye” which I think is not for the Kajal Stck but for the Kajal Tube. Whatever, we don’t need instructions to apply a Kajal, do we?


  • Price: I think its around 25-30 INR. I don’t remember exactly.
  • Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Waxes, Amorphous Black, butter oil, cinamomum & camphora


My Experience with Hashmi Kajal Stick:


This Kajal was introduced to me by my bhabi, my brother’s wife (in case you don’t understand :P). She suggested us (me & sis) to try this so her next visit to her mother’s place she got us two more kajals (one for each :D). Since then I was using this kajal, using ONLY this kajal. Its been more than 1 ½ years since I started using it but now after getting Oriflame kajal, this one is resting. Hashmi kajals are available in three forms (pictures are taken from the website, I own just the kajal stick):

Hashmi Kajal in tube


hashmi kajal tube hashmi kajal hasmi kajal

Hashmi Kajal Stick

hasmi kajal reviews hasmi kajal reviews


Hashmi Kajal Dibbi


hasmi kajal dibia Indian khol reviews

The Kajal stick comes in three colors: blue, red and green. I have the blue one. See, this is my Kajal:


Hashmi kajal stick reviews eye kohl


The Kajal is nicely pigmented. It is, in no way, the dark black Kajal leave alone the Blackest black but yes you can get the intense black color with 3-4 swipes. If you remove the cap the whole Kajal bullet comes in the view like this


hasmi kajal reviews hashmi kajal


The plastic case is not of very good quality as the cap of mine got cracked. The Kajal is dry and when I say dry, I mean very very dry. So much so that when I used it after almost a month to take swatches (I stopped using it after getting Oriflame Kajal, remember?), I had to first rub it to get back the pigmentation. Remember how we used to rub our ink pen to bring the ink to the nib, the same way I had to rub this on my hand. Now I know why initially my Kajal did not give the intense color like that of my bhabi coz at that time mine was new and hers was used:- mystery solved :D. I have already told that I have been using this for almost 1 ½ year and there is still a lot of product left. This shows that it lasts for at least 2 more years.

Now there is some plastic stick kind of thing started appearing in the kajal stick which wasn’t visible earlier when it was new. May be it is used to keep the long kajal stick stand straight and firm. But that might hurt the eyes too. I never did to me but it surely can hurt.

Considering the dryness of the kajal, it can be confidently used in the summers and be safely kept in the bag because it won’t get loose or melt, that is for sure. I think it will be a great thing for oily lid people.

Now the most amazing and important characteristic of this Rs 20 something Hashmi Kajal is that it is actually smudge free. It will stay for 4-5 hours but starts fading afterwards, again, no smudging. This was the first smudge free Kajal that I used. Here are the swatches. (Left one: only one stroke; right one: 2 strokes). If you’ll keep using, it will start giving you more color in one swipe.


hasmi kajal swatches hashmi kajal swatches
There have been many controversies about the ingredients and safety of the Hashmi Kajals. For that Dermal toxicity, oral toxicity and eye irritation studies have been performed and the kajal have been declared safe by the company. The details of the studies can be found here . There are studies on the lead content of the Kajal also, if you want to go in the details, go here. But if we talk about the gist of the story, it says “our studies have clearly shown that the surma application on eyes has not caused any rise in the level of lead in blood of children or adults. It also dispenses with the fear that infants and children might ingest the surma following lacrimation caused by its application. On the basis of these studies, it is reasonable to conclude that use of surma is safe and does not cause any toxic effects by application to eyes.”

So judge yourself ladies. Considering my experience I never had any irritation or other kind of side effects from this Kajal.


What I liked about Hashmi Kajal Stick:


  • Pretty pigmentation but then again, you’ll get smooth texture by rubbing it on some surface first, especially the new Kajals.
  • It forms a nice base for smokey eyes, I have tried this and love the effect on my eyes.
  • Non smudging: the bestest feature of the kajal.
  • Staying duration of the Kajal is pretty nice and I am sure we all can afford 1-2 touch ups in between.
  • It will be a great Kajal for people with oily lid.
  • The kajal is used and trusted by so many people all over the world. This brand is making Kajal for last 200 years.
  • No side effects on me, till now.
  • Extremely inexpensive

What I didn’t like about Hashmi Kajal Stick:


  • O my! Did I tell you that it is super dry?
  • Very boring and not so good quality packing is a turn off. It must be so to keep the cost of the product low.
  • Those concerns regarding the lead content in the Kajal, they create doubt on the product. After all there can’t be smoke without fire.
  • The plastic thing, I mentioned, appearing in between the Kajal, might hurt.

Will I Repurchase: To me, this is definitely a product to repurchase. But for now my current Hashmi Kajal bullet and Oriflame Kajal are enough and they are gonna last me really long.
Wise she Rating: 3.5/5.


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  1. I have the tube one meenu..yet to use the hasmi one..I used the Mumtaz tube one..shingar kajal comes in such a stick form and is jet dark black..and even that smudges less.. :-))

  2. no smudging? mind blowing. will love to try it. but the lead thing scares me. lets see . its so reaasonably priced that its worth trying. thansk for the review. :yes:

  3. i just want to buy a poket freindly 😀
    and smudge free kajal..i dun know why i just dun want to go for this kajal may be coz of its name do u have suggestions??


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