Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment Review


Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment


Hi All,

Recently, I started using a DIY to grow my hair faster. Well, it is working really great and am so happy with it. I will share results soon with you guys. I always thought that cheap products never tend to work like something from the dollar store. But this one completely changed my way of thinking.


Hask Argan Oil  Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment


About Hask Argan Oil From Morocco Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment:

Argan Oil from Morocco Repairing Deep Conditioner.Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment with Keratin, is a super strengthening, hydrating treatment that will restore and smooth dry, damaged, chemically treated or over processed hair. Argan Oil, unique to Morocco, is known for its high absorbing, penetrating and split end qualities while leaving even the most damaged hair soft and nourished for added moisture. Treat your hair with this nourishing deep conditioning treatment, formulated to bring life back into your luscious looking locks!

Directions: Apply a generous amount of Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment to clean, wet hair. Massage into hair focusing on damaged areas. Let penetrate for 10 minutes. Rinse well. Style as usual.

Price: $1.50 to $3.00 for 50gm

Packaging: It comes in a yellow color sachet/ packet highlighting the Argan oil name. I like the color code of the packaging. For my medium length hair one packet is enough to be used for 2-3 times. I wish it was available in a tub or  bottle packaging as it would be easier to store them.


Hask Argan Oil  Hair Treatment


My Experience with Hask Argan Oil From Morocco Intense Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment:

At my place, Paradise Biryani point is the only restaurant which avails complete Hyderabad food. All other Indian restaurants have North Indian food  and that’s why me and my hubby visit this biryani point a lot. During one of my visits to biryani point, there was  wait time for carryout food and there I spotted Sally Beauty store beside the restaurant. I quickly visited the store and ended up buying these packets.

The name argan oil attracted me as I love argan oil. It says deep conditioning treatment and my Aussie deep conditioner is emptied so I was in search of a new one. All these things made me buy this.


Hask Argan Oil  Intense Deep Conditioning


After the first use itself I  decided that am never going to stop using this product. And  probably I should never judge a product as ineffective just because it is low priced. I n simple, I can clearly say that it is a “good hair spa in small sized sachet”.

The conditioner is white colored thick cream which in contact with water turns to somewhat jelly type of texture and gets easily applied to hair. According to directions it is to be kept for 10 minutes but I kept it fro 30 minutes.

It gets easily removed by water and after washing the hair one can immediately feel the difference. My hair turned soft and smooth instantly.

I like the fragrance as it is citrus kind of smell & very refreshing. Well I am more fond of orange fragrance but this one too seems good. The fragrance lasts  fro 2-3 days after usage.

As my hair dries, I observe that my hair turns soft, smooth & silky. There is a great shine and no frizz in the hair. Literally, I was unable to keep off my hands from my mane. Oh my! I just love how healthy my hair looks. I just feel like, I never had such an experience after a hair spa even after spending big dollars.

Now I have decided not to take the hair spa any more. Instead I will spend that money on skin care and makeup.


Hask Argan Oil  Conditioner swatch


I will suggest this to everyone who wants to have beautiful, healthy looking hair. If you spot it anywhere just go and grab. One packet is enough for a single use on long hair. If by chance I apply more product, it weighs downs my hair a bit. The main ingredient argan oil makes my hair smooth, shiny and tangle free. I am going to repurchase it again and again, until I find better product than this.

What I like about Hask Argan Oil From Morocco Intense Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment:

  • Spa in small size
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Add lot of shine to hair
  • Makes hair silky
  • Controls frizz
  • Citrus smell that lasts until next wash
  • Thick cream texture
  • Can be easily removed from hair
  • It contains argan oil

What I don’t like about Hask Argan Oil From Morocco Intense Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment:

  • Not Available in India.
  • Packet packaging, I wish it is available in jar.

Wise She Rating: 5/5!!!

Would I Recommend: Yes. Go and grab, don’t waste money on hair spa.

Have you tried Hask Argan Oil From Morocco Intense Deep Conditioner Hair Treatment?

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  1. I want this!!!!!!! Not available in india:(
    Share ur DIY plzzzz i want to grow my hair longer!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!

  2. Woww dear, this sounds amazing, I will ask my sis to get these, if these r at hyderabad, ! these dayz am obsessed with hair care stuff

    • They are not available in India 🙁 ask some one who is coming from U.S, and it is great product, i am also obsessed with hair care and home organization currently 🙂

    • Yes it is amazing Neha, i too feel bad why such cute products not available in India and thank you, i love those studs, recently into animal phase jewelry 😛

  3. I’m in Australia and its the only good conditioner for my hair aside from curd. Shops dont stock enough of this product. I believe that its the lanolin content that makes it good for my fine, curly frizz prone hair. Most deep conditioners make my hair go too soft and fluffy. The weight and sealing from the lanolin is good. I am going to try and make my own.


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