Have a beauty problem? Lets discusss here!!!


We at Wise She receive many mails regarding beauty problems like hair fall, sunburn, make up, which shampoo to use etc.It always feel great when people trust us and look for our opinion.
So we thought of compiling  the beauty problems at one place so that all can talk and discuss about them.Hence one’s beauty problem can be solved in many ways via others’ experiences as well and even those who do not have any problem can at least go through the post and increase their know how.

 To begin with  lets take up Ankur;s friends problem of facial hair.Has any of you also suffered with this problem ?
One solution is – Make a paste of egg, sugar, cornflour and apply on your face. Peel off gently on drying. Using it 3-4 times a week continuously will slow down the facial hair growth. 
 Gals do you have something which’s troubling you too? …. Come on and pour it out, am sure it’ll be solved here by all of  us ..Girl power rules!!!


  1. Hey,iv gt marks n spots on my legs…its cz i fell or gt hurt sumwer…..gimme easy n cheap way to gt rid of these marks on my leg…its evn on my elbow n der r few pimple marks on my face wich makes me look dark 😥

  2. hi anamika, i love this blog n read it every day without fail.shivangi says use pure heena n lauh bhasm to make hair blackest black. but she didn’t mention the ratio.naturally my hair clor is dark brown so i don’t need blackest black.which brand gives purest form of heena ?plzzzzzzzzzz.help(posted on may 17,2012)

  3. Hey thanks for making it a single thread! but just one suggestion .. wont it get a bit crowded and difficult to trace everything?!

    And my problem is .. have dark spots coming on both my cheeks.. no pimples or nything .. its comes out of nowhere .. I doubt it may be because of whiteheads underneath skin or sumthin? Can anyone tell me a solution??
    Anyother tip to remove facial hair other than using egg??


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