Have you gotten Organiced??


I love organizing…but honestly only when I have the right tools. Hence, i always have an eye out for little drawer sets or cubbies which will help me organize better and keep my stuff neat and orderly. Whether it’s my library, my makeup or even my underwear drawer, I love to keep it all organized. So when I came across this FB retail page called ‘Organice’ my interest was perked and after exchanging a few mails, I placed me order. I made the payment through bank transfer and my order arrived  about 5days later.


Organice Haul

Here’s what I picked up..


Organice Haul+haul post


Bag Switchers: I went in for the combo which contains one Large sized switcher (12”) and a Small sized switcher (8”).


Organice Haul+bag switcher


These are really handy! Honestly I usually carry my whole world in my purse and end up never switching purses coz of the effort it takes to transfer everything. Ever since I got these bag switchers though, switching purses has become childs play.



It has a zippered compartment inside and 2 wide compartments on the back. The front has 3 narrow compartments (for lippies and cosmetics I presume and a larger one which fits my compact. And it has a keychain holder as well…which every girl will agree is a Godsent! I usually have to scramble to find my keys and end up toppling everything out of my purse to do so..



This is what it looks like filled..I usually use the bigger switcher..It holds my lippies, lip balm, liner, compact, shopping cards, sanitary napkins, i-card and a pack of tissues and a hand sanitiser.

Muganizer: This wonder can transform any simple, boring looking mug into a organizational wonder..

Organice Haul+ muganizer


This is what it looks like after wrapping it around the mug.

Organice Haul+ muganizer 2


Wash Me/ Wear Me: I picked this up for when I travel and especially for my undergarments and other delicates. I usually dump everything in a plastic bag and dump the used ones in a separate one and call it a day. This will help me be more organized and less worried about whether the plastic bag is transparent or not and concerned if anyone will be able to see them 😉


Organice Haul+wash me wear me

They are quite spacious too.


Organice Haul+ wash me wear me


They have loads of other items like scarf hangers and jewellery hangers, etc and everything in a wide array of colors. So if you’re into organizing and looking for stuff to simplify your efforts, do check out Organice!


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    • I know ya..m d same..and then scramble to find stuff..this stuff makes it so easy to be Organizer..I wish they had more stuff 😉

    • Yeps dimps..n it’s nice to dress up a print mug..I usually get bored of using dull looking mugs but this is perfect..and best is ke it’s washable 😉

    • Haan I Rembr… Tab I think I had just delivered…to time nahi mila lene ke liye…then I found the fb page once and picked it up 🙂


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