Head-To-Toe Tricks To Look Gorgeous In No Time


Hi all,

I was wondering to do this post from quite a while but something always came up. These are some very smart tricks to apply when you don’t have time to get ready but you do have plans to look gorgeous…! Here gals go for these and conquer those hearts while they are left wondering about how this beauty managed to look so amazing at the eleventh hour…! 🙂

Dry shampoo

These are must haves in every woman’s closet, be it working or a housewife, as you never know when there is a need to step out of the house or any surprise guest could visit you…! Who knows…!

Just skip washing your hair with this wonder product which effectively removes dirt, excess oil and bad odor from your lovely tresses and flaunt them with confidence.

Hint-Toni & Guy cleanse dry shampoo orTresemme Instant Refresh Voluminsing dry shampoo.


Detangle your mane

Always detangle your locks before bed as it saves you from the extra chore of combing that too when you have less than ten minutes to dress up and get ready. Use a good hair brush at night and sleep over it so that when you wake up those ten minutes aren’t finished in detangling itself. 🙂


Tricks to Look Gorgeous -Detangle


Organize your stuff

When you know what things you have to use and know where you have kept them five minutes are sufficient to get ready otherwise you will end up searching for them and blabbing “O God!! Help me…!” at the same time. Try to stack your blushes and compacts in trays and opt for pent stands for holding your brushes, mascaras and pencils.


Go for double-duty products

Your vanity bag should consist of mainly those products which can serve more than one purpose. Go for a CC or BB cream which will moisturize your face along with concealing dark spots. A cheek and lip tint will further lessen the time taken by you. An eye shadow stick would act both as a liner and shadow so that you can cut steps and speed up your beauty ritual.


Tricks to Look Gorgeous -CC and BB Creams


Skip the multi steps of applying lotion, sunscreen and perfume and opt for a single product which would cover up all of them.

Hint-Aveeno Hydro Sport SPF 30

Go for waxing

You should indulge in waxing once in a while so that you are free from the ritual for a good 30-35 days. In case there is no time then you should opt for various shaving appliances available so as to minimize the time you would take to get ready.


Tricks to Look Gorgeous -Waxing


Go Red and Ready

Crimson red is very much in the trend and will continue to do so. Only a hint of red on your lips make you look Wow..! Keep it for those days when you really got no spare minutes in your hand, just wear it with confidence and let the red pouts do the talking. 🙂


Tricks to Look Gorgeous -Red Lipstick


Hint-You can find so many red lipsticks being reviewed here on Wise she. Go and pick one for yourself!

So these were some tricks to follow the next time when you are in super hurry so that you can still manage to look smoking hot..!


What tricks do you follow to look Gorgeous?



  1. talcum powder ? doesnt that leave our mane look grey o.O
    I love the article..just some few easy tips and we r good to go !!
    Toni and Guy pre-styling shampoo i have used but wasnt that good…but i have heard a lot of their other products I would love to try them soon…


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