Health Benefits Of Blue Yarrow Essential Oil


Health Benefits Of Blue Yarrow Essential Oil

Now this is something new for many of us! Blue Yarrow essential oil is extracted from flowers of the plant Achillea millefolium. Now if you look closely at the genus or the first part of the name of plant- Achillea, it resembles Achilles. If you are interested in history, you must be aware of Achilles. You may also know this name if you like Brad Pitt and watched him playing Achilles in the movie Troy 😀 The plant gets its name from Achilles who presumably used this to treat the wounds of soldiers.

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This essential oil is quite popular in Europe due to its myriad medicinal properties. Blue Yarrow essential oil has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Here are some of the main benefits of this oil-


Astringent properties of blue yarrow essential oil make it good at healing wounds. It also prevents aging by tightening skin.


It has very potent anti-inflammatory properties and can cure a variety of inflammations. This oil helps in curing common cold by clearing phlegm from respiratory tract.. It also relieves inflammation caused by spicy food.


This oil is magical when it comes to antiseptic properties. It not only protects wounds from germs, it also kills bacteria and fungus that can aggravate a wound.

Relieves Stress

Blue yarrow essential oil has calming properties so it helps those undergoing stress. It relaxes mind and helps in inducing sleep thus providing relief from insomnia. These properties bring down the blood pressure too.


This essential oil also helps in bringing fever down by inducing the patient to sweat. And its anti-inflammatory properties provide relief from inflammation caused by fever.

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Stops Bleeding

Achilles used blue yarrow essential oil for this purpose. It prevents bleeding by contracting blood vessels that are hemorrhaging. In short, it heals wounds faster.

Relief from Menstrual Troubles

Now this is for ladies. Blue yarrow essential oil can make your chums regular and can even turn them on depending on the reason behind the obstruction. Not only this, it also alleviates menstrual cramps and nausea associated with periods.

Aids Digestive System

It maintains digestive system and keeps it working well. This essential oil ensures proper flow of digestive juices and neutralizes acids. All this contributes towards a perfectly functioning digestive tract.

Boosts Immunity

Blue yarrow essential oil strengthens immune system. This keeps minor infections at bay and promotes a healthy body.

Cures Skin Diseases

The magical properties of this oil keep your skin healthy too. Some skin troubles like acne and dermatitis will stay away with the usage of this oil. It also helps in healing burns quickly.

Though blue yarrow essential oil is full of many great qualities, it should not be used without consulting an expert. Pregnant ladies should not use this oil. This oil should also not be used on small children.

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