Health & Glow Naturals Radiance Turkish Rose Under Eye Cream Review


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Dear WiseShes’…. This time my product review is on an under-eye cream from Health & Glow Naturals range…

I m sure that most of you will agree with me with regards that an eye gel or cream is a must have in every gal’s vanity… no matter how good care we take on skin care and diet.. almost all of us end up having fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and crow feet.

I was just browsing through H&G and happened to rest my eyes on this cream and thought why not try this one.. after all I have been trying so many eye creams without results! 🙂

Health & Glow Naturals Radiance Turkish Rose Under Eye Cream reviews

What the product claims:-

The product tagline goes as ‘Nourishing & Cell Regenerating’.

Turkish rose protects, softens and heals the delicate skin around your eyes and gives soothing effect.

  • Ingredients:Water, Allantoin, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Sesame Oil, Apricot Oil, Ashwagandha Extract, Turkish Rose Flower Extract.

 How to use:-

Apply a small amount onto the tip of your finger & gently dab in an outward motion along the cheek bone and eyebrow bone.

  • Packaging:This cream comes in a transparent tub with an inner lid. The tub looks just the same as the Fabindia ones. The wide mouth tub is a concern since it is not only unhygienic to use but not travel friendly too.


Health and glow under eye cream 2
  • Price: INR 109 for 50 ml.
  • Shelf life: 24 months from packaging

The way I see this eye cream:-

I had already confessed in my earlier post on Organic Surge face wash ( ) that I am rose fragrance lover. The presence of Turkish Rose extracts in this product added points to go for it. Turkish Rose is nothing but essential rose oil extracts.

The cream is of baby pink color and pretty thick too. But that doesn’t make it difficult to apply. The cream just glides on to the skin and gets absorbed pretty easily.

Health & Glow Naturals  Rose Under Eye Cream3

A small-pea sized amount is good enough for both the eyes and thus the product runs for a long time.

Let me come to my favorite thing in the product which naturally happens to be its fragrance. The rose fragrance is scintillating and soothing I must admit. A very mild scent that will not bother your nose much and yes.. the fragrance doesn’t stay much longer too. You can sense it for some 10-15 minutes before it fades off.

Oh yeah.. I know u guys are waiting for the review! 😉

I basically picked this product for my dark circles which I seem to have born with J It keeps fading and darkening.

I have been using this cream for a month now during nights and I can definitely find a difference around my eye area. Though the dark circles have not totally vanished.. they have for sure reduced noticeably. Since then I have started using this in the morning too as my eye area moisturizer before makeup. But it did not help me on the fine lines front.

The ingredients list is too impressive and does not mention of any parabens presence too. I feel totally relaxed whenever I apply this cream.

I am in love with this eye cream!

The ‘Yes’ factors:-

  • Reduces dark circles on regular use
  • Soothing fragrance
  • Budget pricing
  • Impressive ingredients

The ‘Nay’ factors:-

  • Tub packaging
  • Doesn’t work on fine lines
  • Not all cities have H&G outlets

My rating:

  • Availability: 3/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Product: 4/5

Will I repurchase: For sure!

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  1. 50 ml for 109?????? I would buy it if only there was a H n G nearby…even if it didn’t suit my eyes I could always use it on my hands 😀 😀 😀

  2. sounds pretty impressive,,hard to find products like these which actually works for people 🙂
    me too in dire need of a under eye cream,,just got my hands on the himalya one,,lets see how it fares..

    I also dont have any H n G at my town 😀

    nice review Revathy 🙂 glad it worked for you 🙂

    • same here nami…i dont have a HnG outlet here in my city…i miss it so much….going there over the weekends used to be like an addiction 🙁

      • same pinch Zara 🙂 i can totally understand you 😀 this is when we can justify our hauls tellin ppl around that we dont hav H n G at my place so we need to grab everything at one go ,, LOL 😀 :d

  3. thanku Ana, Tulips, Sukanya..

    true Emm… good idea.. 🙂

    @Divya – u too reviewed the same product? 🙂 wats ur take on this…

  4. Nice one Revathy..H&G comes out with alotta things which r worth it na? and boy! u sure are a die hard rose many products do u have which have the rose fragrance?

  5. Seems to be a nice product.
    only 109 rs for 50ml it is definitely worth buying.
    Zara has tempted me with wunder eye cream. i’ve to decide when i finish my himalaya cream

  6. @ Zara – as of now this one. a face wash, a perfume, an air freshener and of course rose water :rose: :dance-leftright:

    and yeah.. wat is this wunder eye cream… 🙂 i wish atleast this cream gets rid of my dark circles outta this world.. 😀


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