Health tips for working people and more

By Ishika,

There are times when we feel distressed, not happy doing anything, get tired easily, lot of mood swings, experience pain or do not feel at our best. These factors are a clear indication that out body is not at its best and is exposed to some form of illness may be minor like fever, cough & cold, headache etc or acute one’s like chronic diseases etc.

Human body has a amazing mechanism in place for purifying the body by discharging all the toxins and waste and useless matters through the excratory organs. If this cleansing cannot happen due to any problem with the execratory organs, all doesn’t stay well. It’s a well known fact that all of us are more prone to diseases these days as compared to people in olden days. Its mainly because of the sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity which rusts the body gradually. No wonder we see kids falling prey to different diseases at such young age. Besides this, there are other factors that contribute to illness:
1.Bad eating habits– These days when all of us are part of the rat race, health has taken a secondary stand as career holds the top priority. Most of us resort to routines where in there are huge gaps between meals, skipping meals, relishing junk food which makes us overeat and causes health problems.
2.Corporates face a lot of stress at their workplaces and find respite in cigarettes and tobacco which gradually causes untold harm to the body. A corporate party is incomplete without serving of liquor. People who get addicted to it harm their body immensely.Even independent living too is  one of the factor for this.
3.Indulging in sexual activities excessively or completely abstaining from it is not good for the body.
4.People who are chair borne whole day don’t have any physical activity in any form are not able to cope up any changes in the environment and fall ill. Too much of work without adequate rest is not acceptable by the body.
5.Changing weather and climatic conditions- pollution of air can lead to respiratory problems, polluted water and food can cause gastric problems, reaction of drugs can have many adverse effects on the body.
Humans have a very effective resistance power towards all the physical disorders like cold, cough etc. This is also known as the immune system of the body which is the body’s defense against illness. The system enables the body to differentiate between yourself and foreign bodies. People with low resistance power are more prone to illness.
What people needs to do
1. Have lots of water and introduce lots of fruits and vegetables especially greens in your diet. A balanced diet is the secret to healthy body.
2. Regulate your lifestyle-make exercise an essential part of your everyday routine, avoid intake of alcohol and tobacco, drugs and too much of fat and spices.
3. Do away with preconcieved notion of having 3 full meals a day. Instead resort to having 6 smaller meals. No need to starve. Instead have fresh fruit juice which will satisfy the hunger and also improve the digestive system.
4. Avoid too much of junk food which has too much of oil and fat content will is harmful for the body.
Ever human has varied calorie intake requirement depending on sex, age, profession, rate of metabolism, height and weight. A child who is still growing and developing will need more calories in different form as compared to an old person who will require a diet that is low in calories. Similarly, a laborer who is slogging under the sun and doing lot of physical hard work will need more calories than a corporate guy who just sits at one place and works. One should have a balanced intake of calories depending on the requirement of our body.
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