Healthy living – 8 tips to stay healthy


By,Anju Gandhi

A little crisis in my life has changed the motto of my life from LIVE TO EAT to EAT TO LIVE

I have realized that if we want our loved ones to be with us for long then as women of the house we should take care of the eating habits of them.

Following are some of the dietary changes which we must incorporate in our diet for the normal functioning of heart of all our loved ones.(most of the recommendations are by the cardiologist )

1. Take Methi seeds in the morning at least one tsp—helps in controlling diabetes, gas problems and act as a blood thinning agent. We can either soak them overnight, or take powder or better still make methi sprouts, add little cucumber, tomato, onion, lemon juice and use as salad. Bottomline is take methi( fenugreek seeds daily)

2. Take two almonds ( soaked overnight), walnuts, fig daily

3. Blockades in the heart don’t happen overnight but they happen gradually over a period of time. Foundation of such blocks is laid right from childhood. So discourage your children from childhood itself from taking lots of samosas/vada pav or other junk food.

4.Fitness through walking-  Half an hour of walk should become an integral part of life

5. Try to limit junk food once in a week

6. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. It is better to spend little more on fruits and vegetables then spend lakhs on angioplasty and by pass surgery.

7. Learn to makeinnovative salads, soups and snacks ( without using or using less of oil) AND SHARE THE RECEPIES WITH OTHERS.

8. Stress – Remember taking stress will not remove the cause of stress rather will affect the physical , emotional health of the person and the family itself

This is a guest post written by Anju Gandhi .Visit Anju Gandhi bloghere

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  1. me doing good..went for shopping today 😀

    How u doing?How is the weather there?
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  2. Sweets,

    I find hard in following no. 1 as I get Methi burps throughout the day…:(

    I am already fpunctual with 3,4,5 and 6

    & is something that I am still learning.

    8 is my biggest problem. I think a lot. I get tensed for almost eevrything. I'll be sad and tensed for the whole day if I'd see an old person walking on the road alone. 🙁 one of the examples of my habit. I am working no it.

    But promise to be a good girl throughout.

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  3. nice one… maine methi seeds try kiye the.. but then i stopped 🙁 yahi problem hai… kuch time baad wahi same old pattern par wapis aa jaati hu lolz..


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