Healthy snack ideas to keep you fit and energised all day long

It is always advisable to eat fruits during the snack time as they are full of vitamins and minerals.Also, instead of cutting them or drinking fruit juices it is always better to eat the fruits in their natural form.
Fruits gives essential fiber to the body and make you feel full .The calorie in the fruits are way low when compared to other food items.For example an apple, pear or orange gives 50 to 60 calories a day where as  if you have one bread pakora or vada it wil give you 150 -200 calories.
Sugar present in the fruits are easily digestible and enter the blood stream easily .This natural sugar provides energy to the body and therefore if you are feeling weak or down then you can eat fruits for your quick dose of energy.
When you compare the fruits with your regular chocolates which has sucrose in it , it makes digestion process quite difficult.
Ideal time to eat fruit is between 11am to 12 in the noon or between 6 to 7 in the evening .To keep energy level high one can have a cup of tea (from skimmed milk) with some digestive biscuits or whole wheat bread as a snack.
If you are a student and wake up early in the morning then you can have hot milk, coffee, tea or a banana.This will give you instant energy boost.
Having milk or butter milk is quite refreshing and has natural sugar in them which makes one feel full.
Dry fruits is also one of an healthy snack which provides essential mineral and vitamins to the body.For example raisins contain iron and dietary fiber which are sweet and is loved by many.
You can have dried apricots too as they add much essential vitamin A to the body and repair damage tissues.
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