Hedonista Brave the day with Glycerin ,Lavender & Vanilla Clear Moisturizer Review


Hedonista Brave the day with Glycerin ,Levender & Vanilla Clear Moisturizer

Hey Everyone,

We people adore natural skin care, Ain’t we? Well, Today I am here with an interesting products which I have got in My envy box August 2016. So, lets come to the review of the product.

hedonista clear moisturiser

Hedonista Brave the day with Glycerin ,Lavender & Vanilla Clear Moisturizer

For a face that glimmers.

A lightweight, quick-absorbing, hydrating gel moisturiser for humid months and oily skin.

Hedonista ritual

Dot your face with 3-4 drops of the product. Then massage lightly till absorbed.


  • Available in 50 ml and 300 ml packs
  • Handmade & all natural: High-quality ingredients for indulgent rituals.
  • Original recipe.


NO Parabens, Sulphates, Silicones, Artificial colourants or fragrance, Palm oil, Petroleum derivatives, Phthalates, Amines, PEGs, Formaldehyde

We use only food-grade preservatives. No animal testing.

hedonista clear moisturiser cap

Ingredients: Aqua, Vegetable glycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, L Arginine, Lavender oil, Vanilla extract

hedonista clear moisturiser review

Price: INR 525 for 50ml.

Packaging:- This moisturizer comes in small and black color plastic bottle with signature packaging of Hedonista. Also it has an extra stopper at the opening to control the product perfectly. It has a silver cap which seal the bottle perfectly and really complement the black bottle packaging.

hedonista clear moisturiser lid

Hedonista describes this moisturizer has made with natural ingredient like glycerine and Vanilla-Lavender. Hence it will sooth troubled- skin and make it soft and supple without any heavy feeling.

Color, Texture and Formulation: The color of the moisturizer is just like water and consistency is runny and color less. Also, it is lightweight and quick-absorbing in nature which is great for oily skin people like me.

hedonista misturiser swatch

Hedonista Brave the day with Glycerin ,Lavender & Vanilla Clear Moisturizer

First of all, I am fond of using facial moisturizer and get to try new moisturizer every now and then. Thanks to my profession of working with Wise She. 😀

I have oily skin and getting a right moisturizer for my skin type is difficult. Previously, I was using Clean and clear moisturizer and Patanjali aloe vera gel which worked quite fine for my acne prone skin.

As a result I was pretty tempted when I swatched it on my hand and after blending this I felt as if I have put nothing on my skin. I had just one question in my mind. Will it give me breakouts?? Oh man!! This sensitive skin 🙁

Even more it gives soothing feeling and blends like a dream. Most noteworthy, it doesn’t irritate my skin at all and makes it soft and supple. Therefore, I didn’t notice any vanilla or lavender fragrance. It is just a clear moisturizer with pure glycerin fragrance. Above all, I like using such products which are non sticky and effective. Certainly it is really worth the price of Rs 525 for the amazing qualities and long lasting results.

Finally, the formulation is great and it is free from harsh chemicals like paraben and mineral oil which causes skin irritation and it is also harmful for delicate facial skin. So, skin care lovers Rejoice !!

What I Like About Hedonista Brave the day with Glycerin ,Lavender & Vanilla Clear Moisturizer?

  • Super attractive packaging
  • Great texture
  • Awesome formulation
  • Enriched with goodness of glycerin,vanilla and lavender
  • Gives soothing effect
  • Little goes for long
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Comes handy
  • Haulable
  • Paraben and Mineral oil free
  • Cruelty free.

What I Like About Hedonista Brave the day with Glycerin ,Lavender & Vanilla Clear Moisturizer?

  • Dry skin beauties needs frequent application or should avoid it completely.
  • Not meant for chilly winters
  • Some may find it pricey

hedonista moisturiser with gycerin

So, next time I ‘ll come up with some other interesting post, Until next time TC!

Rating: 4.5/5


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