Heel Condoms!


Yes, it’s called that. I am not making up any quirky jokes again. Well I know I am infamous for my double meaning jokes on WiseShe, but come on admit it!! We all love it!!

Coming to quirky marketing names to sell anything, this is heights…first we had the foot undeez , then we heard about the foot panties and now the pinnacle is heel condoms.

Let me explain what each of them are.


Foot Undeez

Foot undeez are used by dancers in contemporary, lyrical, musicals dances.  These undeez form padding at the ball of the foot and avoid fictions during movements. It protects their feet from blisters while they turn. The most popular ones are in natural skin color so they look like bare skin. However there any variants available now.


Foot Undeez


Foot Panties:-


Cute na!!! They are like cutesy stockings worn on the foot. Initially used as socks or stockings for convenience and avoiding shoes bites but later was designed to show off under designer footwear.


Foot Panties


Heel Condoms:-


Now this is a super marketing gimmick. Its a superbly thought of footwear accessory. More than the utility of the product I was floored with its marketing. Ofcourse this is one condom we would love to sport publically. They not only bring a lot of bling and pop to the footwear but also make it a whole new pair. Isn’t it super utilitarian to buy your favourite heels and whole lot of these heel condoms and every time you sport it you have compliments flowing in. You will keep people guessing on how many stilettos you won. 🙂



Heel Condom

Heel Condoms


  • Transform your old pair of heels to a brand new one.
  • Wear your favourite stilettos in many different ways
  • Add a blind accessory to your look.
  • Dont have to buy super designer footwear evertime.
  • Quirky name to show off too 😉


I want to buy them asap. But availability if a B**ch!


Have you tried Heel Condom ?;)


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  1. Lol! What an interesting post. U n ur double meanings Avanti :laugh: “this is one condom we would love to sport publically” I cud die laughing :rotfl: Btw…those lace ones are super hawwwt


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