Helichrysum Essential Oil And Its Benefits


Helichrysum Essential Oil And Its Benefits

Helichrysum oil is another essential oil which derives its natural benefits from its origin the plant and has a lot of natural benefits which are useful to us in more than one way. We have been posting about all such essential oils to give you the heads up on natural products that are still more useful and successful than the synthetic ones we are using.

Helichrysum essential oil

One must be practically open to everything but as long as there are no side-effects. But these essential oils are definitely much better to smooth skin and hair and are not harmful. One must, however just test them in the beginning through a simple patch test to ensure the suitability.

Helichrysum oil is also a skin and medicinal oil which is a residue of Helichrysum plant available mostly in countries like Turkey, Portugal, Italy and Spain. It is not only a pain reliever for muscles and joints; it is also a remedy for cough and cold. Also used as a cure for acne and allergies, this oil is used in many antiseptic and skin creams for its soothing effect.

Helichrysum oil is also good for natural digestion and high blood pressure. It helps to control blood circulation and controls heart and liver.

Helichrysum essential oil benefits

Home-made Recipes

There are a few homemade recipes that this oil can be used for. You can make a face wash combining it with honey and coconut oil. You can apply it directly to injuries and muscle pains. The oil is also used in combination with jojoba oil and lavender oil to work as a muscle pain reliever.

Many experts find it as a revolutionary product which has maximum possible benefits that relieve most human pains and problems. Apart from this, its gentle touch to the human skin is also seen as something not less than a blessing. Since there are rare or no side-effects of this oil, it is recommended by most skin specialists.
Even famous for its aromatic qualities, this scented oil is also seen as a good support for mood uplift by psychiatrists.

It is being extensively used in aroma therapies across the world. Since it has a positive effect on the nervous system, the oil is very much a natural treatment to many a problems.

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One effective use of this oil is to use in oil lamps and scented candles which spell the aroma in your house and are good for mood upliftment. It is in fact very good to inhale this oil every morning to have a splendid day as it lifts up the spirits.

Aromatic Oil

I have many a friends already using it since few months and they are all seeing the difference. I am also going to get it for myself and my family to have an aroma filled day and night.

Its utility as an effective drug for cancer, specially skin cancer and acne etc make it a revolutionary product. This product is continuously under research. This is certain that it is free of any dangerous side effects. Hence is strongly recommended all over the globe.

It also boosts the overall immunity. You can combine with other oils to form more useful combinations. Like, for example, with lavender oil, it can be used as a pain reliever.

Have you tried Helichrysum Essential Oil?

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