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Helioplex is an ingredient which I have been used and talked about inร‚ย  neutrogena ultra sheer products.Helioplex is a type of sun protection that provides broad spectrum protection for the skin.It is the first sun protection technology which protects the skin from ultraviolet A(UVA) and Ultra Violet (UVB) sun rays.

Neutrogena dry touch sun block

*This techonology was developed by Heliopplex technology in 2005.It was developed to provide stablization to the sunscreen ingredients so that it doesn’t prevents the sun from breaking down their effectiveness.

*As we know that sunscreen products are marketed due to degree of Sun Protection (SPF) it has.The main trade marked formula in Helioplez is the stabilizing property that extends the sun protection abilities.



*Though Helioplex has sun protection ability but ingredients are not completely waterproof so the sunscreen needs to be re applied if sweat or water is present on the skin surface.The sunscreen can also disintegrate over time.

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