Help Baby Twisha- Lets Brighten Someone Else’s World Too by Donating This Diwali


Help Baby Twisha- Lets Brighten Someone Else’s World Too by Donating This Diwali

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Baby Twisha is a little girl born with a rare disorder. She has an incomplete food pipe. In medical language the condition is called Long Gap Oesophageal Atresia. The problem can be solved with Foker Process which costs a whopping 7.5 crore rupees. CNN-IBN is running a campaign to make people aware of her condition and is requesting them to donate money to help the girl.

Lets know a little about the girl and her mother. Twisha’s mother’s name is Sweety Makwana. She was married to a guy who lives in Sydney, Australia. Sweety moved to Sydney from Ahmedabad after marriage and her in-laws started harassing her for dowry. Things became worse when Sweety gave birth to a baby-girl. And when the husband came to know about the birth-defect in baby, he blamed Sweety and abandoned her and baby Twisha.  Talk about being heartless and shameless!

Even after all this, the brave lady Sweety was not deterred and decided to take charge of her girl’s health. Baby Twisha has undergone more than 20 major and minor surgeries and she is not even four years old yet. Foker’s process is the permanent solution to Twisha’s condition and is available at the Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts. As already mentioned, the procedure costs rupees 7.5 crores which is not affordable for Sweety. But Sweety has belief in humanity and has started Mission Twisha to raise money for her daughter’s treatment.

You can find the details on her website-

Send money to – Donate in Indian Rupee Account Direct Bank Transfer
Bank: HDFC Bank
Name: Mission Twisha Special Needs Trust
Account Number: 50200007896336
IFSC Code: HDFC0001898
Account Type: Current Account
Description: Donation

 It’s Diwali and we all are celebrating in some form or the other buy shopping, makeup, decoration, excellent food etc etc.Lets gift this 3 and half year old gift of life in every small way possible.Be it Rs 50 or Rs 100 it matters a lot.We at Wise She are donating INR 4789 to the child and urge everyone out you here to help this single mom support her child.


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You might think there are many Trisha who are going through this and how many can you help but don’t forget you read this post may be God wanted you to know this Trisha and help her out.

Have a safe Diwali everyone !!!



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