Help! Do Detox Shampoos Work



Help! Do Detox Shampoos Work

Hello people,

Detoxification is always good, but are you aware of the term “Hair-Detox”?

Our hair go through a lot of damaging process in our day to day life, we heat style, color, use chemical laden products, exposure to sun and pollution, all these damage our hair. Not just these, our regular hair products form a build up on our scalp which too is damaging. So what we do in such a situation?

DETOX!… is the answer.


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One of our readers too asked a related question to hair detox. Read on.

Reader’s Query: Help! Do Detox Shampoos Work

In the era of neck to neck competition, the consumer imagines of a product for a need and there you have the product in the market. So to cater to the need to hair detox process, we also have few shampoos in the markets.

But the million dollar question is, DO THEY WORK?

I shall let you know about the detox hair products, but that’s the later thing. Before getting into any product info sharing, I would like you all to know more about hair detox.

Detox is a process to cleanse our hair and give them a new life. During the detox process, our hair and scalp begin to shed itself of the build-up that occurred from all of the products we have used. While the hair goes through detox, hair will shed itself of all of the plastics, -cones, and toxic chemicals that has built up over time.

There are few aftereffects of hair detox, which vary from person to person depending upon the hair type. They are –

Your hair might feel sticky, heavy, matted, and/or tangled:  This is a common detox after-effect. When your hair and scalp releases all of the chemical build-up, all of the plastics from your previous hair care products stick to just about anything they can touch, including your hair.

Your hair and scalp might feel extremely oily: If your hair is extremely oily, it’s because your scalp is used to being stripped of its oils constantly and overproduces oil to compensate. Once your scalp readjusts itself, this will go away. If you slip up, and use a shampoo with sulfates in it, you will basically shock your scalp and go through detox again, experiencing the oil once again.

Your hair might feel dry, rough, and brittle: When you start shedding all of the silicones from your hair, you begin to see the true nature and depth of the damage that has been done to your over time. It is important to get into a brushing routine in the evening. Brush from the back/base of your scalp and brush your hair down from there, spreading the natural conditioner that your scalp produces. This also helps to stimulate the scalp for more hair growth as well.

So coming back to the question, “Do Detox Shampoo Work”? With the above explanation, many of you will agree with me, is that the idea of using more chemical to detox the older chemical built up is not a wise thing to do. Though there are many herbal shampoo available labeled as ‘clarifying’, but they would not do the real detoxification. Do detox hair resorting to natural DIY shampoos are a better idea.

Below are few DIY Detox shampoos which you can try:

Lemon and Cucumber Shampoo:




Lemon will help leave your scalp nice and clean and cucumber will give a cooling effect to your scalp that will help you calm and provide conditioning. Blend one fresh peeled lemon with one peeled cucumber in the blender and add a tsp of olive oil. Pour it into a jug and then apply to your hair, massage well. If desired, then leave for a little time on your hair and rinse off.

Coconut Milk Shampoo:




Coconut milk shampoo is great to give your hair a burst of nutrients. It is very helpful in giving a boost to your hair and making them toxin free. Pour one cup of coconut milk, one cup of coconut oil soap and six tablespoons of sweet almond oil into a squeeze bottle. Shake it for a few minutes so that all ingredients are mixed with each other. Add ten to fifteen drops of essential oil of your choice to this mixture. You can store this detox shampoo for up to one month in refrigerator. Massage it onto your hair and rinse like you would normally do.

Sea Salt Clarifying Shampoo:


epsom salt for removing blackhead


This shampoo performs a thorough cleaning of scalp and hair. Sea salt contains minerals that help in detoxifying the hair by making it free from oil, grease and build-ups and exfoliates the scalp and makes it absolutely clean. Grind the sea salt so that it turns into fine powder, you will need around three tablespoons of sea salt powder. Choose a good quality organic shampoo that is gentle on your hair. Add it to the sea salt along with one teaspoon of coconut oil and two tablespoons of organic shampoo. Blend these well. Massage and rinse.

These were some DIY detox hair shampoos that surely work and are very effective. Ensure to use these clarifying detox shampoos at least once a month, you will notice how happy your scalp and hair stay. When you talk about detox, go clean and this is why choosing on commercially sold clarifying shampoos is not a very great idea. Hope this helps!

Do you have more DIY Detox shampoo ideas to share?

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  1. I can vouch for the lemon and cucumber one. I use without oil and as an after shampoo mask. This clears my scalp and the hair becomes really soft and shiny 🙂

    Baking soda rinse or vinegar rinse can be done for clarifying the scalp in case of heavy product buildup 🙂


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