Help! Henna Is Damaging My Hair


Help! Henna Is Damaging My Hair

Hello Everyone,

Wiseshe recently thought of coming up with the reader query series yet again and here your beauty related issues will be sorted out appropriately. Today, it is yet another reader who wants suggestion!

how to apply henna for grey hair

Reader Query :  Help! Henna Is Damaging My Hair

The reader told that she had few strands of hair which were turning grey at the age of 26 and that everyone around her don’t approve of coloring hair with hair color products available in stores. And using henna has made her hair dry and damaged so she needs advice on it!  There is not doubt that Henna tends to leave the hair texture dry and the silky strands become rough and frizzy.

Well, this is for all those beauties who are dealing with pre-mature grey strands of hair!

First of all, coloring of hair with chemical hair color is certainly not a first preference for many of us as it is believed that the chemicals tend to add to the pre-mature greying of hair which is not true. The cheap hair color products available these days which claim to protect and color hair in a cheap way are nothing but harmful chemicals.

Hair color should always be from a reputed brand which offers a complete range of hair care products. One should always use the hair products which are specially formulated for colored hair like shampoo, conditioner & serums.

DIY Hair Mask Recipe


This is a great DIY recipe for dry and damaged hair. It deeply conditions the scalp and nourishes the hair roots which give shine and silky luster to the mane. Mix coconut oil and honey and massage the mixture on the scalp.Keep it for around 40-50 minutes and put a shower cap to prevent any dripping. Now rinse the mask thoroughly with a mild shampoo and let the hair dry naturally. You will definitely experience the change and hair will become soft & smooth with and extra shine.

Deep Conditioning Products

Organic Brazilian Keratin Therapy Hydrating Mask

Organix Hydrating Keratin Masque

This is a very effective hair mask in treating frizzy hair ends. It doesn’t straightens the hair length but it surely makes them smooth and manageable. It gives the effects of a professional hair spa.

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Hair Masque

loreal mythic oil hair mask

This hair mask works in balancing hair’s natural oil levels by targeting very dry ends to deliver intense nourishment. It is a thick and creamy mask which nourishes the hair roots thoroughly and makes them smoother. The best thing about this mask is it is free from parabens.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

neutrogena triple moisture hair mask

Anamika recently shared a review of this amazing deep conditioning treatment and it is yet another hair mask which can be opted to repair the damaging effects of henna.

Matrix Biolage Hydra Therapie Intense Moisture Mask

Another quite affordable hair mask which is really raved for keeping the mane smooth and frizz free. The light weight formulation doesn’t weigh down the natural texture of hair and deeply nourishes it.

I hope you like these suggestions!

Have you tried these Hair Masks?

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  1. Hi dear, I would differ from your views, heena never ever makes hair dry or brittle, if use original heena made with fresh leaves , it will never dry your hair, it rather strengthens hair shaft, makes it lustrous, however, almost all brands including the herbal ones in market, all contain hidden chemicals, or metallic block colors which are added to heena for enhancing the color, one my my closest friend was doing her Phd regarding heena itself, she tested some 50 samples of heena from market and concluded almost all have chemicals which makes hair dry and rough. but when freshly prepared heena is used it neevr makes hair dry, it is a big myth that heena makes hair dry.


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