Help! My Open Pores Look Miserable


Help! My Open Pores Look Miserable

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Since we are taking our beloved reader’s query now on wards, I am here on behalf of the Wiseshe team yet again to discuss another reader query we received. 🙂

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Reader Query : Help! My Open Pores Look Miserable

This is yet another very common beauty issue which is faced by many woman who have acne prone/ oily skin. The skin pores become large in size and are visible which makes the skin look horrible. Well, skin pores may be large and small depending upon individual skin type.

One cannot completely hide the skin pores but can certainly reduce its size so as to make it appear better and diminished. One can use homemade recipes, astringents & makeup primers to easily reduce the size of the large pores and hide it with makeup for a perfect skin.

Here are some easy suggestions-

Homemade Recipes

  • A mixture of lemon and honey is quite effective in reducing the pore size considerably due to the astringent properties of lemon juice.

DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Lemon+healthy scalp

  • One can ideally rub a slice of ripe tomato as well on the large pores. It also helps in reducing the appearance of the open skin pores.

Pore Minimizing Products

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer

This is a brilliant product which can be easily mixed in regular BB Creams and applied on the face to reduce the appearance of the large open pores.


Nivea Visage Oil Regulating Toner

An affordable skin toner to keep the sebum away in scorching summers so as to reduce the size of the open pores effectively.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Toner

This is another skin toner without paraben or alcohol and is quite effective on the large pores of acne prone skin. It imparts a dewy glow to the face which is a cherry on the cake.

Pore Primer

Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector

A quick fix and temporary tinted perfector way to instantly smoothen the area with skin pores and visible reduce the appearance.

Bharat And Dorris T-zone Mattifier 

Another great product meant for minimizing the shine due to the large skin pores over the nose and cheeks. It can be easily layered under the foundation for reducing the fine skin pores on the face.

Benefit Pore Professional Primer

Benefit Pore Professional Primer

This is yet another raved product from Benefit which works in reducing the skin pores effectively.

I hope you liked these product suggestions for dealing with large skin pores and making them appear smaller in size.

Have you tried these Pore Minimizing Products?-

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  1. I use the Body shop tea tree pore minimizer after CTM and follow it up with my foundation applied with wet sponge. But foundation starts flaking no sooner i apply it over the pore minimizer. What am I doing wrong here.

  2. Hi Desertdiva

    try mixing it in your foundation or bb cream and then apply it…It will definitely work for you..

    Also please go through the link of the The Tea Tree Pore Minimizer.. it is our reader’s personal experience with this pore minimizer and how much she loved it after he understood the right way to use it. 🙂

    Do let me know if it worked the other way round!

  3. Hi, a paste of few sprigs of fresh curry leaves, a tsp of poppy seeds, a tsp of kasturi mangal and a juice of 1 lemon. make a paste and apply it on your face for 2 hrs every day.u can also store it in refrigerator for 3-4days. This remedy is for acne,pimple,open pore,acne scars and pigmentation. i have been using it and its effective.


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